The Path of the Artist

Three Precious Jewels


I carry three precious jewels

with me wherever I may go


Though often I give them away

to strangers I meet along my path


And sometimes I loose them due to my wrath

or they are taken from me by people astray


When I look through my pockets and feel their glow

I see again my three precious jewels


The first I pull out is filled with red

taking it to my eye to see fractures of light


Reflecting back on me I am filled anew

for this jewel I have is the jewel of love


It came not from the lands above

but rather from within were love dwells too


The wisdom gained claims everyone’s right

to feel loved and to give until their heart is fed


The second shines forth as the sun

Sending golden light to all who see


Transmitting false sights to true sights

Allowing people to learn earth’s truth


Filling in the warmth and biting with a tooth

A chip falls form the jewel with a fright


I pick it up and look with animated glee

Now I can give truth to a stranger on the run


The third stone I have is sparkling green

It sends shimmering light all around


Filling the world with nature’s sight

Turning the heavens to creation’s home


Looking through the jewel I see life’s tome

Seeing beauty is the viewer’s holy right


Finding in the end that earth is beauty abound

And can be had by all when perceptions lean


Everywhere I traipse I follow  my heart

performing actions for friends not yet met


Carrying always within my precious jewels

freely giving them away for they will be renewed


Trusting in their power to forgive any feud

Enlivens the heart with unending fuels


To look around and see beauty, truth and love set

Is the path of the artist to create their art


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