Angels and Men

Seven Deadly Sins


With blood on our hands

stricken with fever unresigned

Temperature rising

fearfully clutching the sheets

We abide in unwholesome greed


With terror in our eyes

constituting jealocies

Swallows the bitterness

sating the desires

Fills history’s envy


With tear-stained linen

slipping through our hands

Waking in sobriety

love condemns the roused heart

Through platitudes of lust


With an iron grip

oil shines the gauntlet

Holds position with gesture

standing all alone

Filling the drink with pride


With a hand in pocket

the leaning tower crumbles

Once standing aloft

when dignity fell in shambles

Reaffirming itself in floundering sloth


With a hearkening ear

and an envisioned eye

Angles speak effulgency

muffled with misguided musings

Lending a stomach towards gluttony


With expedient heart

and unmatched strength

Men amongst cowards march

wielding the sword of ire

To sate their misfortunes with wrath


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    yasniger said,

    Reblogged this on yasniger and commented:
    Nice lines;

    “We abide in unwholesome greed

    With terror in our eyes.”

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