To You


I wish to tell

how amazing you are

Inspiring all around

to see the intrinsic


lying dormant in each

of us


Your daily routine

and excess actions

bespeak austere

confidence and fierce

love.  It takes a brave

and noble soul

to exalt the love

residing in a lonely heart

to everyone who

crosses your path


Thank you for

generous deeds

imbuing the world

with intoxicating kindess

and unknown generosity.

Through time

and enduring patience

we may never meet,

but that means little

to the heart that

feels humanity and

eyes that glimpse eternity.


The peace dwelling

in your soul colors

the generosity of your actions

with abiding love and

unfettered gratitude. Thank

you for all you do, for all

you say, for all you give,

and for all you think –

you truly are a

wonder-worker and a

maker of miracles.


* Originally written as a letter to a complete stranger


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  1. 1

    luggagelady said,

    Beautifully written. Love…Love…Love! Thank you for sharing!! xo

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