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The Great Three


Dead leaves are falling

and the barren lands abound

Howling winds rush past

screaming Nature’s secrets loud

and we come to find

that our spirits always speak

truth through this broken nature




A pile of trash

pollutes the neighborhood streets

being blown by the wind

cast away and ignored too

people blind themselves

and their souls grasp towards nothing

but a sight of fake beauty




Within smiles we see

the potential to realize

all the purity

to learn love from life’s trials

Seeing the scarred soul

fosters a kinder love for

a present life to love more




It is through the three:

beauty and truth and love that

life’s greatest treasure

is to be realized at last

to see the great three

entwined and existing in

one being we call wisdom


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For You, Always

Always For You


With a heart full of hope

and a soul filled with love

I formed this world for you

always for you


With eyes of transparent beauty

and ears of ethereal harmony

I perform the dance of life for you

always for you


With divine intent printed on my brow

and holy reticent flowing in my veins

I praise the life of beauty’s love for you

always for you




Always for you

I pray the gods sing to you

breathing holy psalms with bated breath

and tempting desire with innocuous passions


Always for you

I color the world tried with true love

Painting with bloodied fingers

and seeing true beauty with celestial eyes


Always for you

I run the world ragged for you

stumbling on with a weary body

and ambling forth with a jovial soul



For you, always

the stranger turns to friend

in the delight of passing time

and the range of a spontaneous heart


For you, always

A new day dawns in radiant light

bringing to life new beauties unfurled

with the invigorating gasp of mornings breath


For you, always

the nocturnal dance goes on

Twisting around in graceful motifs

exhilarating passions with betwixt minds




With melodies dancing in the wind

and sculptures grown from seeds

Nature inspires creations new art

For you, always


With an unknown mind

water runs wildly down the mountain side

raging onward towards a greater unknown

For you, always


With confusing riddles as answers

and contradictions as proofs

the gods spoke truth through life

For you, always

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Laughter and Happiness

Happiness and Laughter


Happiness rains

down its sweet dew

Breaking upon waves

of boisterous few


Merrily laughing

at the world wide

finding joy and mirth

with nowhere to hide


Laughter twinkles

beauty in smiling eye

Spreading jubilation

for souls to soar high


Finding that happinesss

is the sun making us laugh

For the joy of radiance

and ever without a gaff


Those finding mirth and joy

with nowhere left to hide

Merrily laugh out loud

at the whole world wide


As breaking upon waves

the very boisterous few

Claim that happiness

rains down its sweet dew

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My Cosmos, You the Stars

Here I Sit


Here I sit and gaze

looking out at my cosm

counting the passing

stars before my lit eyes


Seeing bright balls of light

flashing and ending

in a fizzle

or see the bright

luminescence shine

and grow in intensity

before exploding

into an inferno,

the supernova

of my life


What will come from all this

creation and destruction

abounding life with infinite zeal

contained all within the life

of the passing stars of my cosmos



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God once asked

what is a dream?

and retorted with

s.  i.  l.  e.  n.  c.  e.









I think and contemplate

and soon find myself



What is a life?

and find myself answering

r.  a.  d.  i.  a.  n.  c.  e.











For life, like dreams

are but a message

unto the world

and our lives are

the mouthpiece

for the lesson to

be sung.

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Upon Waking

Morning’s Sigh


A shuttering sigh

in morning’s wake

insipid breaths tempt

the heart to make

Singly and silent

withholds secret’s fate

appropriate behavior

discovers internal weight

Exhaling primordial ooze

flowing throughout life

imbibes the restriction

eternally born from the wife

procreating living creations

always seeking to add anew

combines the thoughts of many

with those of the minute few

For insipid breaths do tempt

the heart to always make

a shuttering sigh

within holy morning’s wake

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Veiled Vanities of Winged Delight


The winged energy

–  within veiled vanities

of your delight

– the combination of ugly desire

shines resplendently

– and hidden contempt


– meld into

the eyes of the

–  unholy and wanton

nocturnal sight

– thoughts

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