To the Stranger in You Sings the Stranger in Me

To A Stranger


Writing you bares

pregnant thoughts

into fruition


A ripe fruit of

gratitude and


looming f o r e v e r

in your presence


Within your living

heart dwells

innocuous passions

and insipid traits of truth


Attitude, knowledge, courage

conviction, strength, love

inspire everyone you know

Through your mannerisms

– those gentle movements –

and precious conversations

others receive the greatness

you emit on a daily basis


You, through the motion

of living a blessed life

-for all life is blessed –

have proven yourself


as divine beauty personified

It is distilled into

the elixir of inspiration

by the actions you perform

and drank by all who

witness your benevolent grace


It is my wish

to give my humble

gratitude for all you

have done because the

smallest actions

can become the falling

pebbles that start

the avalanche of love

to swarm the heart

of humanity

and change the course

of all who live a blessed life.



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