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Gazing Here, Looking There

When I Look


When I look up high

towards the ceiling of the world

I merely see the

reflection of life below

Dancing in shadows

imitating heart’s desire

to perfect the soul’s whole truth.


When I close my eyes

to blind myself from the world

I see multitudes

living, laughing, and longing

for ethereal love

to come into the heart of

the ever-expanding soul.


When I look outward

towards the worldly horizon

I only see the

inward world of frequencies

transpiring to

illuminate the world in

each and every human heart.


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The Painter

The Painter


The painter always yearn

to see the world undiscern

relapsing back to ordinary time

to color the world with his turn


Taking each step to climb

mounting higher with the poet’s rhyme

filling celestial souls with a hope

the painter creates beauty in time


With a heart filled with hope

and souls filled by love’s scope

artist around the world soon make

a new realm of peace and loving hope


Containing all life for livings sake

creators of abounding realms take

liberties with love’s beauty to descern

always with grace in mind to newly make


Always awaiting to color in his turn

setting hearts ablaze, ready to burn

relapsing back to his normal time

the painter through life will always learn

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The Well and the River

The Well of Love’s River


Approaching the vale

the tearing veil of our world

We glimpse fear unknown

staring back at me fearful

of the truth that rends

the veil of tears that hides the

divine laughter in all life


Challenging the heart

that sees its own reflection

in the tranquil pools

of the soul, we renew our

power to transform

and reshape circumstances

that would have us live in fear


This night we will see

that this fecund and feral

world will succumb to

life itself as it gives birth

to expansive life,

radiant eternity

so rejoice and bask in love


Realizing our strength

and tempering the desires

we channel power

and love to rebuild the world

we wish to live in

abiding with holy trust

to allow love to flow on




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Ride the Tide of Love’s Life

Eternal Life


Come children of eternal life

come and be ever merry

for the life of worry and strife

are too confining to stay and tarry

Bask in the healing, radiant light

and live in a much larger place

with room to move and a lovely sight

to live with love face to face

For conscious decisions confine

and personal memories distort

for the lives are to narrow to define

and both are much to small to report

a life truly lived with intentions pure

and intentions fiercely made are met

to live a life of love is the soul’s only cure

when we have soared high due to goals met

We find that we forever shall tarry

in a life without much worry and less strife

so come and be ever merry

Come children and rejoice a blessed life

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What I got

I Don’t Always Need


I don’t always


music to dance


surrounds my life.


I don’t always


reasons to love


manifests through life.


I don’t always


smiles to laugh


reveals with love.


I don’t always


happiness to bring


living imbues love with it.


I don’t always


music to dance


surrounds my life.


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Would I had I enough…

If You?


If you had strength enough

would you carry

the lofty ideals

with your winged energy

of delight?


If you had courage enough

would you display

your marred beauty

without your precious veil

of vanities?


If you had wisdom enough

would you realize life

from a fragrant dream? both pass

with the fleeting moments

of consciousness.


If you had love enough

would you empty your heart

of love to passing stranger

with the knowledge

of boundless love?


If you had peace enough

would you stir emotions

into a wild frenzy

with agitated happiness

of unparalleled passion?


If you had strength enough

could you stretch them

between two opposing ideas

with the practiced hope

of eternal life?

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Loves True Design

Come. Make Me Love.



Make me an orphan

of the sky

dancing amongst

your happy clouds.



Make me a child

of the forests

howling my song

through your myriad paths.



Make me the merry fool

of the desert

singing arias to

your winds of endless change.



Make me a jester

of immovable thought

reciting implacable vulgarities

to your restless desires.



Make me a lover

sipping inspired truths

deeply from the pool

of your inspired heart.



Make me the joker

laughing maniacally

at the wonderment

of your divine existence.



Make me an orphan

of the skies

delighting in life

of your celestial rising.


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I Am


I am.

words that follow

inhibit, restrain, limit

your divine truth

I am.

words that preceed

condemn, defile, restrict

your holy oneness

I am.

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All You Do

For You, For Life


Today is a day

to give thanks for

because you live a glorious life

Living within the bounds

of the mortal realm you imbue

all people and things with a beautiful purpose

You give

yourself for the treatment and betterment

of those close to you without discernment

which adds the chorus of sacrifice

to the melody of love – Teaching your family

the values you adhere to

not by words

by your sacred and profane acts

every single day

It is through these common lessons

that you inspire purpose, fortitude,

knowledge, strength, and beauty

to everyone who has eyes that see

and ears that hear

It is my wish for you to continue down

this path of attainment

for the betterment of society

I am compelled to thank you

for your contribution

to aiding an ailing society; know that

when you reach out to help a single person,

you are truly reaching out

to help an entire society

Thank you so much

May you continue to live

a blessed life of inspirational purpose

Thank you for all you do,

both seen and unseen.

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Guardian of Your Heart

The Guardians


To you the lonely sentry

– the guardian of your heart

standing tall and firm

will you allow me entrance

for the heart knows why


Guardians stand firm

for I approach wildly

– inured with sacred wonder

creating chaos wherever I go

causing others to follow in my wake!


To the solitary doorman

– Guardian of your heart

Be keen eyed and inquisitive

For I am coming soon

With audacious promptings


Guardians of your heart

Bare your arms hearty and strong

– and brace the battlements

For I bring with me a flood

to break down your doors


To you, lone protector of the realm

– Guardian of your heart

Allow me passage through sacred lands

I come carry balm for your wounds

and with holy writ etched by time


Guardians of your heart

Open your doors wide

– wider than that, for my I bring others

Let loose the hinges and give me shelter

for to give (love) is to receive (love)

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