Guardian of Your Heart

The Guardians


To you the lonely sentry

– the guardian of your heart

standing tall and firm

will you allow me entrance

for the heart knows why


Guardians stand firm

for I approach wildly

– inured with sacred wonder

creating chaos wherever I go

causing others to follow in my wake!


To the solitary doorman

– Guardian of your heart

Be keen eyed and inquisitive

For I am coming soon

With audacious promptings


Guardians of your heart

Bare your arms hearty and strong

– and brace the battlements

For I bring with me a flood

to break down your doors


To you, lone protector of the realm

– Guardian of your heart

Allow me passage through sacred lands

I come carry balm for your wounds

and with holy writ etched by time


Guardians of your heart

Open your doors wide

– wider than that, for my I bring others

Let loose the hinges and give me shelter

for to give (love) is to receive (love)


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