Would I had I enough…

If You?


If you had strength enough

would you carry

the lofty ideals

with your winged energy

of delight?


If you had courage enough

would you display

your marred beauty

without your precious veil

of vanities?


If you had wisdom enough

would you realize life

from a fragrant dream? both pass

with the fleeting moments

of consciousness.


If you had love enough

would you empty your heart

of love to passing stranger

with the knowledge

of boundless love?


If you had peace enough

would you stir emotions

into a wild frenzy

with agitated happiness

of unparalleled passion?


If you had strength enough

could you stretch them

between two opposing ideas

with the practiced hope

of eternal life?


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  1. 1

    BrokenPoet said,

    Reblogged this on Jagged Crystals and commented:
    I don’t usually reblog, but I have recently been moved by others’ words. I can’t seem to extrude the words right……it all comes out gibberish and the equivalent of word vomit.
    My heart aches tonight. I can’t hide it. I WON’T hide it. Not anymore.
    I’m a young women with a bright future ahead of me. I choose my destiny. Will you?

  2. 2

    BrokenPoet said,

    I love this. I feel this. I reblogged this. 😉

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