In God’s Love

With The Mystics


In the land of genies

where mystics rise with

the wandering sun

to inhale great droughts

of God’s love

I began to roam


Taking for my guide

the stars bright above

moving throughout the night

meeting along the way

the birthing mother

of life, always birthing

through creations new


She anoints all who live

with a godhood through

her birthing pains

bestowed and a life

is realized with love

Now the rhythms fitted

for us, you and I too,

lead all, with you in mind,

through the bold new day

to write a page in creation’s tale


So I continue on,

to tell a story: not mine, nor yours

a story of a man, which I am

the chief character and confess

myself enraptured by a beloved

and testify that everything in our lives

is beloved by life itself


I roam here, and I walk there

circumambulating towards love

with the present in sight, forgetting

the harsh winds of yesteryears

and the hopeful gleans of light

that tomorrow might bring

Walking around inhaling great

droughts of God’s reticent breath

I awkwardly dance with the mystics

in the land of relics and genies.


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