Those Who Believe

We Who Believe


We who believe

the heart chants for us

always for us

when we are unable to


We who believe

that the world around us

always around

is real when we precieve


We who believe

love walks gently into our hearts

always walking

moving with grace through out actions


We who believe

the heavy-hearted sigh

always breathing softly

creates as much anxiety as relief




Creating more anxiety with each breath

always seeking a destitute relief

a heavy-hearted sigh goes out

Those who believe


Moving with grace through actions

always slowly walking

Love lingers often for us

Those who believe


What is real when we perceive

is always around

around us all

those who believe


When our voices falter

always wishing to sing

around hearts to all

those who believe


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  1. 1

    Those who believe in love….

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