Father’s Elegy

**Elegy for a Father




The Halcyon Days


In halcyon days

Of a joyous childhood

Memories were forged

By the fires of your games

Reading stories loud

For all your sleepy children

To lay them gently

Into the lap of slumber

Where fantasies come alive


In a bygone time

When technology was small

Books to the front shelf

And imaginations reigned

You nurtured our minds

With creative thoughts abound

Lavishing love and

a guiding hand whenever

we were on a frightful path


In more pressing times

You would uphold a strict rule

And through those moments

Of stinging pain we would learn

Some of life’s hard truths

Other times would come faster

And your gentler side

Would shine greater and brighter

For the wisdom gained to prove


In the final days

You were always there for us

Allowing us to

Follow the directions life can take

Sending us into

The world and seeing us live

And always accepting

That life can knock us backwards

Back even into your house


Now you have moved on

And we few who remain here

Shall see our world shrink

And darken before our eyes

For the love that lit

And the fires that warmed us

Has left this world now

But your spirit and love live

As lingering memories laugh





Your Last Lessons


Languidly you slept

Wily and unfurled

Arms set akimbo
knowing you would never rise

Sleeping happily

To set up one last lesson

Already you know

What the ensuing results

Will show, maybe that’s your joy


You knew the actions

That would be necessary

And you could foresee

All that I would learn from this

Thought it be painful

As all lesson are to be

To finally teach

Me through your limited breaths

Lessons, maybe that’s your joy


Lackluster without

And paler with, lessons show

A wayward parting

Through the wild world around

You taught me lessons

Not to guide me to your goals

But to find my own

Way through life with loving strength

Abound, maybe that’s your joy


Actions came too late

To savor a few more breaths

Actions came too soon

To allow grief to take root

Actions came too fast

To allow moments to slip

Actions came too slow

To stunt emotions rising

To fear, maybe that’s your joy


Planning commenced too

And rising actions took heed

Cooling the fires

Passions came to let love grow

Nurturing my growth

Through hap and circumstance

I finally learned

The lesson you eagerly

Taught, maybe that’s your joy





Straining Against The Night


We few who remain

Silent with our teary eyes

Mindful of our thoughts

Stand solemn and resolute

Seeking memories

Never to fade through time passed

Echo silence’s hymn

With muted tones in docile

Promptings from a loving heart


We few who remain

Long for another smile

One lingering joke

To spread laughter through this world

Wish for just more time

To tell you just what we mean

Want for one more glance

A joyful chance to grace our lives

With prominent peace and love


We few who remain

Shed tears of pain and sorrow

Not because you’re gone

You’ll never be truly gone

Nor do we weep for

What you will miss in our lives

But we merely cry

Because our tears will nurture

A lasting bond of your love


We few who remain

Shall struggle on mightily

Against the dark night

But the light that kindles love

Will never be gone

And a new day will dawn too

When love’s timid light

Will transform it’s golden flames

And I’ll see your smile there


We few who remain

Silent with our teary eyes

Mindful of our stance

Stand solemn and peacefully

Seeking memories

To linger in times well spent

Answering once more

A laugh, a smile, a hug

With much more to show our love


** My father passed away earlier this week, and I wrote this for his funeral service – where it was read aloud.


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