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I Wake

Each Day


I wake – each day

seeking to recreate

life in absent bounds

molding desires with

the keenest of thoughts

and shaping the traits

that guide me to the

goals I’ve set for this

whole life – each day


I rise – each day

to reboot my systems

installing upgrades

to my character

updating the software

of my mannerisms

and uninstalling

programs of habitual

convenience to clear

the memory of past

histories – each day


I stretch – each day

rebuilding the mainframe

that holds the programming

needed to live a new life

starting from a new vantage

point, smelting new circuitry

to connect to new perceptions

Rewiring conceptionsĀ  to

spurn new thoughts

realigning receptors

to garner future’s chance

to form sweeping changes

to life’s trajectory

forming relations – each day

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That Madness



that exuberant madness

carrying passions

unto the heart’s realm


that wondrous fair ride

enthralling the senses

with the accelerating circumstances



that eloquent musical

tempting all to sing

elevating spirits to great new heights



that brand new day

waking existence to

live in beauty’s aboundance



that chance of fate

tempting destiny to

live only in the present moment



that unasked question

concluding the paradox

death is intimate life



that vast ocean

ebbing with love

only to flow on with beauty



that deluded madness

stirring fervently

passions contradicting life


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The The Wonder

The Dead Rise


The dead rise

always seeking

truth with hallow eyes

again and again

they rise

to the wonder of


you bring to the world


The living lay down

always dreaming

whimsical visions of beauty’s truth

again and again

the living lay down

to the wonder of


you bring to the world


The courageous run

always fleeing

the sheer destruction truth brings

again and again

the courageous run

to the wonderment of


you bring to the world


The fearful stand

always braving

the constant change miracles bring

again and again

the fearful stand

to the wonder of


you bring to the world


The clamorous quiet

always fearing

the gift of unknown blessings

again and again

the clamorous quiet

to the wonder of


you bring to the world


The quiet shout

always singing

the ascendency of love

again and again

the quiet shout

to the wonder of


you bring to the world


The dead rise

always wanting

to see life through celestial eyes

again and again

the dead rise

to the wonder of


you bring to the world

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Love’s Garden

And Ensure The Growth Of Love


The heart is a garden

-where the fruits of love grow

It takes an laborious gardener

to weed out the seeds of hate

and ensure the growth of love


The mind is the soil

-where ideas spread their roots

It takes crucible of experience

to replenish the nutrients of life

and ensure the growth of love


The body is a brush

-that paints virtues on life’s canvas

It takes a fastidious patience

to distill beauty through virtues anew

and ensure the growth of love


The soul is a fountain

-that quenches the thirst of inspiration

It takes the spring of emotions

to fill the vast caverns of life’s experience

and ensure the growth of love


The heart is a garden

-where the fruits of love grow

It takes a brave and solitary conviction

to trim and harvest the seeds of thought

and ensure the growth of love.

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Come Saaqi

Come and Fill My Cup


Come Saaqi

– wine barer for the soul

Come and fill my cup

So I can remember the time:


To return to that time

– those delicious relations

I want to go back and relearn

the painful lessons time has taught


To reaffirm the lesson of love

– that profane and unattainable truth

I wish to go back to realign my mind

to comprehend that Everything is You


To come to a dissoluble and infallible vision

– that whole and vulnerable sight

To see that I am everything as much as

everything is you and we create the world around us!


Come Houri

– those spirits caring for life

Come and make my mind delirious

So that I can know the unknowable


Time has traded with experience for time

– that ironic deal which hastens after life

Time has besought a lesson to life itself

the greatness lies dormant within the heart of life


Seeking always new experiences for lost lessons

– the indelible fruition of life lived thoroughly

Showing a subtle strength and dynamic courage

lying in an unprompted vulnerability inspiring the greatness in life!


Taking on each and every moment as a lesson

– the lesson that will free our hearts to love

I seek to live as well as love wholly

to imbue the world with that intrinsic beauty


Come Saaqi

– that wondrous giver of divine sight

Come and fill humanity’s cup

To give the sight of beauty to our open heart

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The Tragic Phantasm

Tiger Eyes and Lilies


The tragic phantasm

of the jubilant mists

confuses the apprearance

of lilies sailing

upon the tiger eyes.

Strained and piercing

through the darkening


the candle flickers

flashes of white

and yellow

to distort the

tiger eyes amid

buoyant lilies.

The whispering sky

blends colors as

dimensions falter

and fail to blend

the aurora with

twilight or twilight

with the aurora

auspiciously channeling

the tiger eyes through

the seed of

eternal lilies.

The tragic phantasm

of a jubilant sight

creates the buoyant

light of fires throughout

the sacred night forever

emulating the tiger eyes

inspiring life of

only God’s lilies.

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Traits of the Goddess

… From The Goddess


Tears from the goddess

shed from misspent youth

Fall unceremoniously

in puddles to form

rivulets running down

from the basin of life

– Such gathering springs

fill the flowing rivers persuading

life to flow as even as love’s water


Wails from the goddess

moaned in grief and pain

echo wildly throughout

the prairies stained

with a solitary love

– Such alluring cries

sing the mighty proof: the universe

is a slow effect of the cause of creation


The gaze from the goddess

cloaked in transparent vision

one and whole of wisdom

gilding the flowers

in the golden light of truth

– Such absorbent eyes

see part and parcel of nature

the truth that beauty abounds


Caresses from the goddess

grace the expansive heart

tending and guiding passions

to exude the body

in creative expression and art

-Such expedient hope

instills fervor and enthusiasm

to live a life of eternal and infinite joy


Words from theĀ  goddess

raise mountains and purifies the air

sating our accumulating desires

while shifting life’s direction

to supernatural affairs

-Such prophetic words

hold not credence towards our past,

nor remembers the future, but live now


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Ostensible Acoustics

The Call Of Life


Ostensible acoustics

reverberate within

always within

muting the sentiments

dwelling in the world


Illusive echoes

bounce within

always within

accentuating perspectives

hiding in love’s truth


Resplendent murmurs

rebound within

always within

attracting dualities

abiding in wisdom’s eye


Exquisite echos

move within

always within

reverberating fertile thought

laying in a creative mind


Alluring musings

permeate within

always within

syncopating individual’s

living in sign’s of live


Auspicious melodies

showers within

always within

ringing rare deeds

standing unseen in daily sight


Semblant echoes

seep within

always within

molding forces anew

showing truth’s only desire


Ostensible acoustics

reverberate within

always within

sound throughout nature

answering the call of life

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Smiles For Man

As The World Smiles


The early songs flutter

through my window:

as the world smiles for me

– The golden rays illuminate

– precious moments upon the world

– The crisp wind gently sends

– sweet kisses towards the awakened

Grand and eloquent scents disperse

sending tidings of love to the blessed life:

as the world smiles upon man.


The late sun glistens happily

sending warming rays to direct life:

as the world smiles on me

– The butterfly dances rhythmically

– to nature’s song spreading tranquility

– The creek water flows cold and steady

– painting vibrant life in a world of beauty

The rising moon swaddles life

nurturing primitive life in healing hands:

as the world smiles upon man.

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International Women’s Day

Come Women


Come Grandmothers

of a fertile world

come and take my hand

in loving grace of dignified humility.


Come Mothers

of a bountiful world

come and show me guidance

for love’s boon is molding youth.


Come Sisters

of a reveling world

come and show my ignorance

for correction is a mending balm.


Come Lovers

of the blessed world

come and give the sustenence

for my heart’s growing passions.


Come Daughters

of the sanctified world

come and dignify love eternal

and endow life with infinite truth.


Come Women

of the fertile world

come and infuse creativity

with your inspiring wisdom.

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