Traits of the Goddess

… From The Goddess


Tears from the goddess

shed from misspent youth

Fall unceremoniously

in puddles to form

rivulets running down

from the basin of life

– Such gathering springs

fill the flowing rivers persuading

life to flow as even as love’s water


Wails from the goddess

moaned in grief and pain

echo wildly throughout

the prairies stained

with a solitary love

– Such alluring cries

sing the mighty proof: the universe

is a slow effect of the cause of creation


The gaze from the goddess

cloaked in transparent vision

one and whole of wisdom

gilding the flowers

in the golden light of truth

– Such absorbent eyes

see part and parcel of nature

the truth that beauty abounds


Caresses from the goddess

grace the expansive heart

tending and guiding passions

to exude the body

in creative expression and art

-Such expedient hope

instills fervor and enthusiasm

to live a life of eternal and infinite joy


Words from the  goddess

raise mountains and purifies the air

sating our accumulating desires

while shifting life’s direction

to supernatural affairs

-Such prophetic words

hold not credence towards our past,

nor remembers the future, but live now



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