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My Heart

It Lies


My heart

– it lies at art’s window

seeking always to feel

the soft breeze of creativity


My heart

– it lies at love’s doorstep

wanting only to give all

for the sake of the beloved’s call


My heart

– it dances to life’s song

graceful movements fly

floating on the free-flowing meolody


My heart

– it colors the soul’s painting

seeing with profane eyes the

flowers of our celestial tree


My heart

– a fuselage of lessons

tempting the prying eyes to shine

glimpsing eternity with momentary eyes


My heart

– a series of veiled vanities

prompting the winged energy of delight

to swim in the hopeful sea of creativity


My heart

– it lies with the broken things

distilling a meaning unsought

through the perfection of broken shards


My heart

– it lies between the inhale and exhale

suspending life in the chaotic sense

perpetually breathing life into love

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To Know Much


I don’t need

to know much

– my families past

to know much

greatness runs

through these veins


I don’t need

to know much

– your future’s aspirations

to know much

greatness runs

through your veins


I only need

to know much

– our lives are our proof

to know much

greatness runs

through our veins.


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Casting Shadows

We, The Living


The mists of sound

wash over our verdant fields

tempting the heart of humanity

to join the song of creation

The sun of time

filling our days with light

casting shadows that lead

to beauty’s intricate design

The winds of change

seep into our fertile minds

coloring our world with spontaneity

to show love’s portrait

The streams of faith

nourish the seeds of contentment

flowing through our veins

inspire truth’s divinity

– Propagated by faith’s strength

– Encouraged by change’s constancy

– Taught by time’s duration

– Entranced by sound’s mystic calling




We, the living

– forever bound to feel

call out to love

for humanity’s growth

will surely endure


We, the living

– listlessly tempted to look

seek out life’s meaning

for the world of men

cannot tell us


We, the living

– eternally hope to taste

the bitter pangs of love

through the sweet circumstances

that perpetuates earth’s life


We, the living

– restlessly seek to hear

the celestial songs that call

life through the lover’s ear

to utter the unsayable truth


We, the living

– forever bound to smell

the fragrance of growing life

through each inhale of the firmament

imbuing life with holy scents new




Estranged by desire’s change

Educated by lessons’ time

Seduced by Melody’s sound

Lead by self’s faith

– Limiting the limitless ocean

blinds the seekers vision

failing eternity, life grasps towards

humanity’s heart of faith

– Signaling for life’s passage

delineates the progressions

giving in to the fierce  calls of death

allows the mystic to sing the song of creation

– Marking tallies upon the wall

as the tides of life flow onward

humanity seeks always to see

the rising sun of times eternal

Going always into fertile fields

grows the patience we seek to gain

through life constant fluctuations

we, the living fly with the winds of change

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– Take delight

in the darkness of life

for therein lies

the heart of creation

– Take flight

in life’s fierce storms

for that is where

strength is built

– Take sustenence

in life’s tragic pains

for that is where

compassion is born

– Take breath

in life’s chaotic filings

for that is where

patience is realized

– Take experience

in unknown caverns

for that is where

courage is found

– Take knowledge

in the adventurous spirit

for that is where

bravery is exhibited

– Take knowledge

in the wholesome woods

for that is where

life is nurtured

– Take experience

in the raging tempests

for that is where

character is earned

– Take breath

in the forest fires

for that is where

passions are tamed

– Take sustenance

in the cool lake’s image

for that is where

self-reflection occurs

– Take flight

in the torrential past

for that is where

knowledge is sought

– Take delight

in the darkest night

for that is where

the heart burns brightest


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Nature’s Song

The Song Of Nature


The song of Nature

consists of attentivity

and participation

– Active listening

not with the ears

but with the heart


The song of Nature

embraces life essential

and harmonizes color

– Active singing

not with the mouth

but with actions new


The song of Nature

offers beauty’s truth

and contains life’s sound

– Active movements

not with the body

but with the body whole


The song of Nature

holds all things living, true

enlivening the fragrances of scent

– Active sighing

not with the nose

but with the spirit pure


The song of Nature

graces the pregnant earth

imbuing beauty in worldly purpose

– Active gazing

not with the eyes

but with the soul’s sight


The song of Nature

consists of attentive participation

purposeful thoughts to create

– Active Singing

not with the senses

but with our our hearts.

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Receptivity Knows

A New Thought


Knowing receptivity

brews the pot

Creativity burns

a new thought

Beauty enhances

the sacral sight

Burning brightly

to consume the light

Truth guides thoughts

to action’s fruition

Condemning life to

love’s true nutrition

Creations always breed

inspiration whole and new

Intuiting perspectives

defines trust in what is true

The present always makes

life’s on-going thought

Embracing the moment

defines what life has wrought

Through death is made

the balance of the Earth

Gilding a beautiful pain

with our sorrow and mirth

Pouring with abundant grace

the receptive needs to live

Taking all the while the

constant needs to always give

Weaving out a meaning

for your life’s true work

Flowing down the river of life

seeing beauties therein that lurk

Constantly knowing receptivity

brews the celestial pot

Burning creativity to see

each and every new thought

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Let The Rain Fall



The tears fall from her radiant eyes

precious and nourishing

as they grace life’s essence

tears fall from the celestial skies


The tears fall from the celestial skies

rapid and gilded as they fall

carrying life in the specter of death

tears fall from her radiant eyes


The tears fall from her radiant eyes

swelling and thanking as they flow

blessing the river of life with new creation

tears fall from the celestial skies


The tears fall from the celestial skies

purifying and divining as they grow

embarking on a journey to culminate life

tears fall from her radiant eyes.

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Come With Lively Step

Spring Comes


Spring comes with lively step

raising beauty to sight’s eye

Nourishing the soul with scent’s delight

Yes, spring comes with lively step


Spring came galloping in

Breathing life in our decayed hearts

racing against the brazened spirits

Yes, spring came galloping in


Spring came thundering by

Scaring life with fits of lightning

imbuing the world with misty mystery

Yes, spring came thundering by


Spring comes for us all

germinating the seeds latent in our hearts

growing the ideals of humanity in solitary beings

Yes, spring comes for us all


Spring came limber-limbed

spreading arms akimbo and legs astride

walking with purpose towards the approaching summer

Spring came limber-limbed


Spring came through the night

tipping the scales of light for warmth

lighting the passions in each and every heart

Yes, spring came through the night


Spring comes with lively step

frolicking with the seeds sown in love

kissing the cheeks of the wayward winds

Yes, spring comes with lively step.


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And The World Sang

Sing Aloud With Life


And the World sang –

wipe the dust from your breath

and exhale beauty from your eyes

As Nature sat and watched –

Rendering the tired thought

restless with sequential desires

And the World sang –

the universe is the slowly evolving

effect of the divine cause of creation

As Nature sat and watched –

such absorbing spirits see

part and whole of beauty abound


And Nature chants –

with enduring creativity the possible is done

and the possible turns to the probable

As the World meditated –

paltry and amorous words are a pliable clay

from which life molds a meaning of great import

And Nature chants –

eyes of your visions and the body of your experiences

morph an individual meaning from communal words

As the World meditated –

It takes a fastidious mind to etch a truth, impregnable

from the stultifying stone all words are ought to become


And the World and Nature proclaim –

Our  hearts lay always at rest

before the doorstep of life

As Man stood and witnessed –

The actions of life subtly betray meanings

forged from the fires of a visible heart

And the World and Nature proclaim –

In the school of form we adorn ourselves

with the beauty of joy found in the life’s heart

As Man stood and witnessed –

the specter of brilliance lingers  as a veil over the face

of humanity and clothes the genius with light and love


As Nature meditates –

love is not a breath you can take in

and have it seep into your heart and soul

And the World prayed –

let the actions of love, whole and complete

be exactly what life does on this sacred day

As Nature meditates –

Love is the blood that flows in our veins

endowing life with the means to live wholly

And the World prayed –

the man in the mirror with tear-stained cheeks

reflects the quivering lips of love’s only denial


As Nature sat and watched –

in the land of genies where mystics rise with the wandering sun

life inhales great droughts of god’s radiant love

And the World sang –

I wait to go home to abide with love in the freedom

infinite room of your emblazoned heart eternal

As Nature sat and watched –

Life lived without death, whole and complete

that gregarious importance masquerading as fear

And the World sang –

wipe that rosy dust from your eyes my child

I’ll tell you this only once, run free and be wild


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Open Up

Wake To The Rising Sun Of Life


Open your eyes – love – to the greatness before you

See what others see – dear – that you are powerful

Wake to the truth

Rise to the occasion

Awake to life’s calling

Arise to love’s wakening

Open your mouth – love – speak to me in silence

Tell me your secrets – dear – taste the flavor of love

Arise to challenges new

Awake to nature’s birth

Rise up to your subtle strength

Wake up the echo’s long past

Open your ears – blessed – to the telling of history’s secret

Listen eagerly – my joy – to the divine whispers of our internal gods

Wake to the implacable vulgarities

Rise to the waning tide

Awake to the newly formed world

Arise to the task of creation

Open your hand – blessed – to grasp to a desolate hope

Embrace the whimsical – my joy – to feel the strength of love

Arise to derive new meanings

Awake to see the world new

Rise you children of the light

Wake to the cries of the flower

Breathe deep – love – smell the flowers strewn on your path

Inhale slowly  – dear – take in the essence of life and love

Wake to the truth

Rise to the occasion

Awake to life’s calling

Arise to love’s wakening

Open your heart – love – to the divine touch of vulnerable love

Set loose your love – dear – to the ravages of wild passions

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