Casting Shadows

We, The Living


The mists of sound

wash over our verdant fields

tempting the heart of humanity

to join the song of creation

The sun of time

filling our days with light

casting shadows that lead

to beauty’s intricate design

The winds of change

seep into our fertile minds

coloring our world with spontaneity

to show love’s portrait

The streams of faith

nourish the seeds of contentment

flowing through our veins

inspire truth’s divinity

– Propagated by faith’s strength

– Encouraged by change’s constancy

– Taught by time’s duration

– Entranced by sound’s mystic calling




We, the living

– forever bound to feel

call out to love

for humanity’s growth

will surely endure


We, the living

– listlessly tempted to look

seek out life’s meaning

for the world of men

cannot tell us


We, the living

– eternally hope to taste

the bitter pangs of love

through the sweet circumstances

that perpetuates earth’s life


We, the living

– restlessly seek to hear

the celestial songs that call

life through the lover’s ear

to utter the unsayable truth


We, the living

– forever bound to smell

the fragrance of growing life

through each inhale of the firmament

imbuing life with holy scents new




Estranged by desire’s change

Educated by lessons’ time

Seduced by Melody’s sound

Lead by self’s faith

– Limiting the limitless ocean

blinds the seekers vision

failing eternity, life grasps towards

humanity’s heart of faith

– Signaling for life’s passage

delineates the progressions

giving in to the fierce  calls of death

allows the mystic to sing the song of creation

– Marking tallies upon the wall

as the tides of life flow onward

humanity seeks always to see

the rising sun of times eternal

Going always into fertile fields

grows the patience we seek to gain

through life constant fluctuations

we, the living fly with the winds of change


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