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Night’s Truth

Days New


As night approaches

together we stand

hand in hand before the cliff

looking out beyond

the quickening darkness here

speaking certain truth

you tell me to close my eyes

to see fading eternity


Calming platitudes

and disrupting truths sooth minds

lost in the chaos

turbulent lives gone abound

forever searching skies

as the whispering winds claim

old maps can’t lead to new worlds


Soul seeking advice

and galloping desires

sate their penchant for

truth and beauty in

finding life’s wisdom wholly

intact for life’s use

and the drunken consciousness

says: hold not to your father’s faith


The dawn swiftly comes

arriving much too early

for the night’s demons

have yet to be put to bed

yet here I stand now

hand in hand with you my love

looking out upon days new


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In A Park

As I silently Sit



Sitting silently

in the park nearby I look

high above and see

the clouds passing joyfully

as they go floating

into abstractions changing

then a call of joy

echoes in my ear

and I look down to see girls

two dancing atop

the cement benches alight

like ballerinas

twirling amidst glinting light

spreading their gladness

and laughter out with the wind

causing life to dance with them



Timidly approaching

God bows down to me asking

with reverent eyes

to purify his spirit

So I took my flask

filled with intoxication

the strongest wine I had

and told him to drink much and

often for his need

is great to become joyous

for he has anger issues


Walking towards me

with laughing eyes, happy feet

cupid lays prostrate before

me asking always

to pour courage and strength on

him for he is weak

I stand before him and ask

for his arrows and

bow, his instruments of love

and cut my own heart

and draw forth blood and tears mixed

and baptize him with

the mixture of blood and tears

in the hope to put

fire in his belly and

excite his mind to

impassioned aggression for

he is too sentimental



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Dear Aleppo

To Aleppo: The City of Song


To the city of sacred song

where music flows as blood

the world laments your travails


You once taught the world to sing

now the world turns harsh

and condemns your songs of praise

concerning itself of external politics

however, the melody stays the same

merely the tones and words have changed


You have been pillaged and rubble remains

the Ouds have been banished and replaced

by the harsh whisperings of banal weapons

shrapnel shots and flying bullets replace the Daf

giving rise to the numbering casualties of false music


To you, whom the world forgot until recently

the world regrets to inform you

help will not come from any means but sympathy

(and even that is in moderation) and so I suggest

that you change the war song to a song of the peoples.


To the city of sacred song

where music flows as blood

the world laments your travails


You have spread beauty far and wide

encircling the divine through your mystic songs

you have taught the world from ancient times

and still you teach the world the import of endurance

taking drastic and sporadic changes in like manner

ceasing never to death until you sang the song of life

So I request that you sing on and the world will hear!


Rise up and sing aloud for all to hear

the passions in the voice of your song

shall endear the cause of your tearful dirges

and be determined never to be separated

from your love and song, for life is a song

and so too is death a song devoted to life!


Cease not to sing your song, brothers and sisters

cease not, for to cease in the singing of life

is to endure the tragic loss of meaning in death

your songs, though grave they have now become,

hold truer devotions than the purity of our tears

let the wrath of percussive bullets come to rest

and the harmonies of forgiving hearts take over

allow the flowing nature of peace to take up your song

and reflect upon the recuperative waters of echoing memories!


To the city of sacred song

where music flows as blood

the world laments your travails


Echoes have finally landed on our shores

from the distant lands of mystical song

we have finally awoken to the tearful elegies

that the soul of song now sings

the world now joins the refrain of your song

igniting the visions of your holy song!


We now take up your call to sing

and in profaned melodies strike the band

tempting the world to let loose the intricate weapons

for the purity and sacredness of simple instruments

place the candle that lights life’s love

deep within the soul of your song and sing on!


Take rest in the wisdom that you dolefully sing

for the world of grandeur is built upon the ruins

and the blood that strife and progression eagerly pour

the beauty that was once your home cannot be deminished

not can the purity be blighted but sing on your song of life

and the evolution of your purity will come full cycle

as the world sits and watches and listens to your song!


To the city of sacred song

where music flows as blood

the world laments your travails

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The Goddess

Within Our Hearts


Trading opinions in the open market

Hides the lackluster void of persuadable facts

Endangering the whole of progressive thought


Granting rights in sights only vision

Opens the vaulted doors of our one heart

Demanding all to enter with absorbing eyes

Denies no one the right to see such sights

Enter your own heart at your own risk

Surprising snares lie hidden from you

Sentiment is thought to be your guide there


Doubt not the truth of the matter

Willingness to love opens your heart

Elevating above the menial passions

Looking past those rose-color glasses

Laments the passing of a peripheral hope

Sanctifying our actions done with a noble heart


Walk boldly into that sacred hall

Inside waits the message of your life

Thankfulness will carry you far

Handling the affairs of your life’s path

Inside out the heart’s love abides

Nourishing life with the internal fountain

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The Holy Call Unto You

Hearken to The Holy’s Call


Come and see

life wakes and beauty rises

answering always

the call that brings us

forward –

glory breaths us in

come and see this day!


Awake and rise

see the world before you

initiating beauty’s crown

that distills life’s truth

pure –

grace intimates our lives

awake and rise this day!


Stand and call

preach form the pulpit of faith

endowing life’s purity

that contains humanity’s humility

divine –

peace echoes sentiment’s desire

stand and call this day!


Call to stand

purvey the lands where love abides

embracing life’s duo of love’s debate

entertains both death and life

complete –

serenity fills all to be whole

call to stand this day!


Rise and awake

wash the remnants of sleep away

for this waking day is splendid yet

turning especially more beautiful

wondrous –

magic pulls the world into see-able beauty

rise and awake this day!


See and go

walk off into that setting sun

drift this way and that

get lost along the paths of life

flow ­-

Love roams the realms of living life

see and go this day!

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