The Holy Call Unto You

Hearken to The Holy’s Call


Come and see

life wakes and beauty rises

answering always

the call that brings us

forward –

glory breaths us in

come and see this day!


Awake and rise

see the world before you

initiating beauty’s crown

that distills life’s truth

pure –

grace intimates our lives

awake and rise this day!


Stand and call

preach form the pulpit of faith

endowing life’s purity

that contains humanity’s humility

divine –

peace echoes sentiment’s desire

stand and call this day!


Call to stand

purvey the lands where love abides

embracing life’s duo of love’s debate

entertains both death and life

complete –

serenity fills all to be whole

call to stand this day!


Rise and awake

wash the remnants of sleep away

for this waking day is splendid yet

turning especially more beautiful

wondrous –

magic pulls the world into see-able beauty

rise and awake this day!


See and go

walk off into that setting sun

drift this way and that

get lost along the paths of life

flow ­-

Love roams the realms of living life

see and go this day!


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