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Words from the Angel

Life and Love


You cannot have love

– therefore you cannot give love

You cannot contain love

– thus you cannot expand love

You cannot control love

– ergo you cannot free love

You cannot understand love

– thus you cannot expound love

You cannot grasp love

-therefore you cannot release love


You can only be love

– and as a result be loved

Love is merely a state of existence

– what you receive will be a result of how you live


– thus you can exhibit life

You can show life

– ergo you can give life

You can create life

– therefore you can condemn life

You can encourage life

– therefore you can exhale a world of life

You can inhale great droughts of life

– ergo you can profane life

You can bless life

– thus you can ruminate life

You can live life


You can only be life

– and as a result live

Life is merely a state of existence

– what you receive will be a direct result of what you shall give

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The Birth of Beauty

Beauty’s birth


I have peered through the

descending depths of finite

grace tumbling in

darkening eternity

Though wreathed and forged with

the brilliant flame of

innocuous time and clothed

by veils of spacial

experience. I have seen

eternity merge

with man’s infinite soul and

in the coalescing time

Life saw that beauty was born

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Sentiments of an Ubiquitous Heart

Passing Time


Over the fields of passing time

the winds of change shall chime

giving sentiments to the rising sun

changing circumstances oft to run

gently nature slips into our thought

loosening the binds that hold her still

slowly evolving from the stolid rot

seeking the flowering virtue* of her will

the twilight hours shoot stars soon to stun

the immaculate visions of eloping moon’s fun

Ever and anon the winds of change shall chime

O’er the passing fields of engaging time



* flowering virtue is the emanation of beauty

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