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Put Man There

Put Man There


Put man in the sands

where the life of the desert lives

so that he may taste

the fruits of quietude and

live in great stillness.

let the searing winds chisel

away the wayward

tendencies of active thought

and learn the lesson of life.



Put man in the deep

waters rushing over him

drowning out the world

with crashing waves on his skull

beating out dusty

habits that hinder his soul

Let him endure life

and all the fate-crested waves

that will surely fall on him


Put man way up high

standing atop the mountain

gazing out on land

to get the scope of his life

to come to know

that his greatness far exceeds

the distance of lands

laying low beneath his feet,

his presence is eternal


Put man in the crown

surrounded by life itself

congested by life

the soul starves for attention

The bitterness of

loneliness is manifest

by the sweetness of

union – completely absorbed

sharing life and love with life

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The Invitation

A Night With The Goddess


I once saw the divine goddess

picking miniature flowers in a field

my heart whined and emotions soared

as I approached her, they couldn’t yield

Facing the fear of disastrous rejection

I asked if she, then willing, would eat with me

with a jovial smirk and a wink she did reply

“to win me, you had better wine and dine me

if you want my company on this very night.”

then, bursting out with rancorous laughter said

‘I’m just kidding, how could I dare to resist

a splendid night with you and your lofty bed?”

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We, The Chosen People

An Accelerated Love


We, the chosen people

of an accelerated love

transcending form

with our spirits above

Yours is a fierce beauty

unrestrained and free

out in front of you

leading you straight to me

Mine is a quiet strength

hidden in plain sight

straggling behind

unawares of love’s light

Ours is a passion fully renewed

carrying forth with bountiful zest

step by step and heart in heart

finding love is our only rest

We, the chosen people

of an accelerated love

transform the world we live

to soar in the heavens above

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Delicious Words

Holding To Truth/ Sculpting A Life


Delicious words

clothe our naked bodies




always sculpting a life

– always holding to truth


Cascading desires

tempt our feeble minds




always sculpting a life.

– always holding to truth


Frolicking ideals

forces the world’s compliance




always sculpting a life.

– always holding to truth




Bold-faced ideals

enact whimsical faith




always holding to truth.

– always sculpting a life


Latent desires

mask the heart’s intent




always holding to truth.

– always sculpting a life


Delicate words

break upon our hard bodies




always holding to truth

– always sculpting a life

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To Live: A memorial

We, Who Stay Behind


Time gently slips by

and the ones we love soon go

never to embark

upon life’s undeterred path

continuing on

into realms unknown, unseen

leaving us behind

holding our shared memories

grieving the loss of their light


Looking back on times

the good, the bad, and the great

endowing life with grace

and spreading hopeful love too

wanting to embrace

life’s dearly departed love

just one more time now

replaying their images

over and over again


Moving on with life

picking up all the pieces

and cleaning up death

in short to sum up a life

well lived with honor

distills honor within us

living by their acts

sets the example we need

we, who stay behind to live

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Bind Me In The Dark

Take Me Down


Take me down my love

Take me down  as far you can

drag me underneath

the passions of world’s fervor

bind me with love’s kiss

that which strangles breath from life

and sets the souls of men free


Take me down my love

take me further down that path

burden me with tasks

give me pain to know pleasure

give me my allotment

and see that I shall arise


Take me down my love

take me down dragging hopeless

set me in the dark

and watch as I forge a light

take from me my joy

and I shall transform my grief

into solitary love

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Undress Your Mind

Let Loose the Reins


Come my love

let go the binds that hold you

conscious of yesterdays forever gone

and the imaginings of a

bygone future always yet to be created

come and let them go


Come my love

forget the thoughts that contain you

unconscious desires

seeming through your permanence

for you are infinitely greater than them

come and let them go


Come my love

remove the clothes that hide your perfection

for nature adorned you

with implacable beauty undenied

truth dwells forever in beauty

come and let them go


Come my love

put out of your mind those decisions

what was thought yesterday shall surely

be wrong today and what is decided today

will assuredly fail in the days to come

come and let them go


Come my love

put out of your mind those choices

they drag you down to the dungeons

that life leaves for those living in the past

your plans without fail will capture you too

come and let them go


Come my love

remove the clothes that conceal you

hiding will do you no good – you will be found

and your secrets the world will come to know

so reveal yourself wholly to the world

come and let them go


Come my love

let go the binds that hold you

the ego is a heavy weight to carry

too weak to stand on its own, to heavy

to carry around your entire life

come and let it go


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Wisdom’s Realm

World of Wisdom


It was upon waking that I saw with eyes anew

the sensuous life that holds love true

Igniting the spark that life greedily holds

waking us all to the world that folds

entering this world of wisdom we balk

forever daunting, the path we must walk

escaping our views never so aloft

we see wandering buddhas laughing so soft

in the corner of our gentle little eye

we espy little jesus’ playing as they cry

In the corridors we can aptly see

the lao tsu’s of the world sweeping with glee

within this realm of wisdom, unfettered and true

Life is lived with love through and through

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