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This Wondrous Night

This Wondrous Night


On this wondrous night

I wake to witness your song.

Melodies seem to sooth

the tears we shead

Your truth shall rend

the veil of tears that hides

our laughter. With this song

echoing in my ears and a heart

filled by hope, I shall form

this world of unprompted

imagination. Tonight we find

this fecund world gives birth

to eternity, so we rejoice

on this wondrous night.

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The Stranger In Us


The power of a stranger

always unique and whole

– a world unto themselves

holds the strength of imagination

the manifestation of creativity

to act spontaneously

in the daily rituals

of honored silence and adored chaos

the rites are all preserved

in the power of a stranger


The power of a stranger

binds everyone to the mystery

compelling a decision to be made

to act or or not to act

shaping the arc of a life

well lived and lived well

to enliven the senses

and bewilder the mind

confounds the power of a stranger


The power of a stranger

hinders the courage of a friend

to beckon us forever forward

into the great unknown

To set loose the reigns

that guide our mind and tempt

a fierce grace in a chance meeting

to feel ever alive

is in the power of a stranger!

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