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Fickle Fame

This Tin Crown


This tin crown of my fame

shattered upon my fated head

before accepting the same

I shook the shards from your bed


This tin crown of my fame

took comfort upon your brow

lifting dignity before darkness came

and destroy eternity’s now


This tin crown of my fame

glimmered highly in the morning’s sun

glinting jewels to be your claim

always abetting the passion’s fun


This tin crown of my fame

heavy and fragile as is said

bestows a lightness to my claim

and shatters upon my weary head


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Discovering Love

Distilling Lives


I have distilled


down to its purest form

– delusion


I have distilled

my mind

down to its purest form

– madness


I have distilled


down to its purest form

– anxiety


I have distilled

my heart

down to its purest form

– courageous love


I have distilled


down to its purest form

– elixir of life


I have distilled

my soul

down to its purest form

– the union of the god and goddess


I have discovered

through distilling

that life in its purest form

is all we have

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We Are Clothed

I Walk Out


I walk out to be always there

the stars align in sky bare

talking and seeing, seeing and talking

I come to realize the truth’s fare


Coming close to realization, I am talking

ever onward, ever alive always balking

I fear where the next step will take me

but hand in hand with you we go walking


Take me whole or leave me be

I wish to bask in the wholeness of me

for in my universes collide and make

ever more universes for you to see


Take heed my love, and always make

meanings from the words that truths take

to see what was written before we were born

and surrender to the love that souls shake


Sing aloud and sound the horn

for life passes and bodies are born

to know what is right and what is true

is to remain whole when the body is torn


We are clothed in immense power

always holding to the life of a flower

seeing beauty where beauty is fair

forgetting that beauty is all and doesn’t sour


To alight back from the celestial pair

I come to know the truth we all bare

to follow always in beauty’s ominous stare

and delight in the path that love and life share


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When Speaking



When speaking with you

hour upon hours fly by

passing in greatness too

to live in love and comply

I need not to know

your family’s long past

nor to have a book to show

what lies ahead and fast

approaching, but only to see

me sitting along side you

proves the point to be

that greatness flows is true

flowing through these veins

is the greatness we create

what we do with greatness’ reins

is a choice everyday to make

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The Sacred Science

Of Love


The sacred science

of rendering a love soul

involves a lot more

than the alchemy of the

heart, to transmute the

dualities and transform

the properties and the

desires that lie within

speaking riddles through your eyes


The heart’s alchemy

inspires delirium

and changing chaos

to the weary mind

forcing everybody to

use sacred science to

transpire life and

life’s events as one moment

the drop within an ocean


The leading path we

choose to follow changes us

all our friends soon leave

to follow their own path and

leave us to our path

We will find new guides to help

find out way through life

with the sacred science and

the heart’s alchemy of love.

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An Inch Of Hope

Lost Within


Lost within

the celestial eyes

of the wondrous night

I give a gift

always giving

to myself and you

an inch of hope

to gain a brighter

sun when day comes


Lost within

the world of trees

I become whole

– ambulator non fit –

I give a gift

always giving

to the world around us

a delicately fierce grace

to tread lightly on the world


Lost within

the embodied heart

of your striking soul

I give a a gift

always giving

to the world inside

my heart thirsts

for the words

bound in your heart


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Within You, Within Me

The Museum of Small Findings


Within you, within me there’s a place

A room with little furnishings or face

A place of tribute for our collected past

In the museum of small findings things last

Wandering down an aisle or maybe two

I found a glass slipper I took for a shoe

Later I found out how wrong I would be

Walking on the shards of a heart I didn’t see

Seeing a seed not grown, inert, and still

The passions of your love conquers my will

Taking in the whole of this lovely room

Blesses and consecrates love’s tomb

Reveling always in this moment’s time

Clears the air to hear the heart’s chime

So I continue to walk down the dusty aisles

To awaken and see life’s beauty for miles

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