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Love’s Faces

For Faces of Love


For Faces of Love

– be weary –

they change so quickly

– interchangeable –

seeking always the path

– draining –

the heart’s contentment

– be weary –

For Faces of Love


For Faces of Love

– set loose –

the heart’s ambition

– control –

release the reigns

– conceptions –

that bind your soul

– set loose –

For Faces of Love


For Faces of Love

– give in –

live for moments

– connected –

strung along

– life-

abandon your self

– give in –

For Faces of Love


For Faces of Love

– embrace –

conceptualize emotions

– misinterpret –

the wanderings of a soul

– love –

lustily drawing her hands close

– embrace –

For Faces of Love


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Four Sentences On Love

Four Sentences


Love is a compass

that directs the spirit

towards our

forsaken passions.

Love is a map

that shows the

myriad paths

through the labyrinth

of fate’s destiny.

Love is the guide

walking with our

heart across the

wild forests of desires.

Love is an astrolabe

that directs us

to the mysteries

of a sacred life.

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What Would You Do?

Go Back To Those Delicious Relations


Would you

if you could

go back to those

delicious relations

roaming in your

shared past,

to relive those

robust events

that have shaped

the person you are?


Would you,

if you could

fast forward

time and experience

in life untold

to bask in the

sublime sanctuary

that eternity holds?


Or would you,

knowing that time

passes as it shall,

move away from

the past phantoms

and resist the future ghosts

to abide in the present

and love life now?

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Beauty Abounds

You Adorn


Beauty is abound

forever around

living life’s desire

to kindle love’s fire

Ever and anon

seeking over yon’

to quench our thirst

to find beauty first

So smile this day

and come to play

for you adorn the world

with beauty unfurled

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A Shuttering Sigh

In Morning’s Wake


A stuttering sigh in morning’s wake

astonishes the sights of eyes do make

star gazers forever loom far and wide

insipid breaths tempt the heart to create


Scanning the skies from side to side

leaving no cranny for beauty to hide

humanity seeks a revolutionary sight

to live beauty along life’s passionate ride


Leaning peripheral  skies left to right

I race towards love with beauty’s might

Facing the fortunes of past lives lost

I brace for the impact of embracing light


Perpetually weighting a life’s true cost

and warming the frozen heart’s frost

I arise always ready to awake

Only to finally see that all is not lost


Insipid breaths tempt the heart to make

grand concessions for love’s sake

Astonishing the sights our eyes do make

As a shuttering sight passes in morning’s wake

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God Once Asked

If God Came To Me


If God came and asked

me and only me to sculpt

sculpt beauty’s form now

I would try my very best

to form your body

with the greatest to please

– I’d fail for I’m no sculptor


If god came to me

me and me only to sing

sing beauty’s song now

I’d remember you and your

wondrous voice of song

and imitate as I could

– I’d fail for I’m no singer


If God came to me

me and only me to paint

paint beauty’s portrait

I’d recall your elegant sight

and mix the colors

trying to paint your likeness

– I’d fail for I’m no painter


If God came to me

me and me only to dance

dance beauty’s rhythm

I’d learn various styles

and move to music

set to the song of life now

– I’d fail for I’m no dancer


If God came to me

me and only me to write

write beauty’s story

I’d take pen in hand and say

easy enough to do

smiling I’d write your name

I’d succeed for I can write

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To Bring Love And Happiness

And My Heart Smiles Brightly


Looking  unaware

out of a morning window scene

seeing the grand sight

of temporal beauty for

the first time of the

year, the first snow fields still

untainted by man

sets my mind reeling with joy

and my heart smiles brightly.


Waking in the morn

after a night of romance

still unfurling

its timid and plaint hands

always seeking to

caress and hold tightly to

the lover’s body

lying next to me with love

and my heart smiles brightly


Trying to give all

that I can to everyone

I care about, my

body, energy, heart, and

soul to be helpful

to all those I love and would

do more if I could

to bring love and happiness

while my heart smiles brightly

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