Is It You

Sacred Blasphemy


Is it you who can

instill peace enfolded with chaos?

Can you behold the vision

with your heart while remaining blind?

Will you still the passions

with an ardent desire for love?

Is it you who can live

for all eternity as the body decays?


Who dares to say

the god’s honest truth?

Whom does it concern

the wisdom of the ages?

Who is brave enough

or has much courage

to speak the riddles

Love longs to hear?


To undulate the proper

customs and needs

To waver between

delirium and being sane

To rise up to the occassion

and speak the sacred blasphemy

or to fall back into

the habits of a divine sin


To fall backwards into

the acts of a sacred blasphemy

or to plunge ahead into

a world filled with divine sins

Choosing to undulate

between lust and love

Forever choosing to waiver

between delusion and sanity


Is it you who can live

for eternity while the body dies?

Will you still the furious mind

with a mental furor of pacivity

Can you display the love

hidden deep within the cavern of life?

Is it you who can

enfold wisdom in everyday knowledge?


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