A Lucid Dream To Start

Tales From A Forest And A Lake


From the eyes of a seer and the heart of a witness, come these stories of projected futures, latent desires, and disrupted truths that the heart wishes to be revealed. The first was seen through a lucid dream.


Standing outside a big oaken door with a brass knocker on it, I , with a bag of groceries in hand, mentally reconnect to myself again, and find myself outside of my house in the mountains. I reach towards the door to open it and find the door slightly lighter than I remembered it being. As I enter, I hear a woman’s call. This startled me, and arrested my forward momentum. I stood stock still in the center of the grand room, still holding the groceries, and then the words came out of me, as if they had always been there and were waiting to be said. “Yes dear, it’s me, I have returned with the food you requested.” She gracefully peered around the corner from the kitchen where she stood, and said, “Are you sure Joe; last time you said that you forgot the bread.”  I walked slowly to the kitchen where she was and replied, “Yes, I have the bread, the butter, the olives, the garlic, and the onions.” To prove the point, I took each object out of the bag as I said them. Then she leaned over and kissed my cheek, and said, “Good, we can eat then.” After awhile, I found myself settled down in the great room, with a book in my lap, and pen in my hand. I was writing a story – A  story about messengers and angels, and a man’s journey through life, living in two realms. As I sat writing this story, a strange thought crept into my mind, first just a nagging irritation. That this life was too good for me, to be true. I kept writing, and trying to push this thought out from my mind. I set down the book and trying to restore my faith in this reality, I asked aloud, “Savannah, can you do me a favor?” She answered, “Yea hun, what is it?”  “Could you tell me again the story of how we met?” I replied. “What’s gotten into you today, first you seem lost to me when you left, and then you come back from the store and seem out of sorts, not quite here, not quite gone. You’re acting silly, but I will tell the story for it is a favorite of mine, because it brought you and I together.”  “We met in a book store, you were desperate, looking for a specific book and couldn’t find it,  I was working, and restocking the shelves. You came up to me with pleading eyes and asked if we had the book, and consequences of all consequences I had the book in my hand and was about to put it on the shelf. From that moment on, I was your personal book finder, and as you keep coming in with requests for rare books, I took an interest in you, and your piqued interest in hard to find manuscripts in foreign languages. Then you came in with a request for the Voynich Manuscript, and I gave you  a proposition, I find the book for you and we go out on a date. You agreed, and it took a great while for me to find the book, but I found it all the same, and we have been together since.”  As she was telling me the story, a story I also knew, I still felt different, but I tried to cast out such disquieting thoughts. I looked ahead, and stood up. I took my pen and paper and wrote down a sentence, tore off the page and put it in my pocket. I grabbed my jacket, walked towards Savannah, and kissed her, saying: “I’m going for a walk, I’ll be back later.” I went out the door, into the darkening skies. I walked into the surrounding woods, and down endless paths through the forests I got lost in my thoughts, quoting lines of prose and poetry from Frosts’ Road Less Travelled, and Whitman’s Song Of The Open Road, and creating my own works as I walked, taking lines from Life as from Nature. Finally, after an hour of walking, I lost sense of where I was. I had stopped paying attention to where I was walking, where I had made turns, and even which direction I had turned. I was completely without a sense of where I was. I was lost in a dream of being lost. I didn’t panic because I have been lost in foreign woods and forests before, many times in fact. I actually liked getting lost, it reminded me of a quote I used to say all the time – what felt a lifetime ago – a quote I had made up before, but unsure when or where I had used it. “How can you expect to find yourself, if you if at first you don’t lose yourself?” A glint of a smile came to my expression, and then I started to listen, I heard the call of birdsongs, and decided that it was best if I started to follow them. I started following the songs, and then I saw a deer ambling through the woods, stopping to eat here and there. Following both the songs and the deer, as my intuition told me, I came to a clearing on the precipice. I came to the edge of the precipice and looked out at the vista. A clear crystal lake was at the bottom of 150 foot drop littered by rocks at the edges of the lake. I sat down and started to meditate on the days experience, and for the next half hour or so with closed eyes, I thought back on the life I lived with Savannah,  how we met, our lives together, the works she had inspired me to create/write. Then after my heart had settled down again, I opened my eyes and started to rise. Still unsteady and in the quickening darkness descending through the coming night, I stumbled and fell forward and into the autumnal air. Falling quickly, I found myself hurling towards the glassy top of the lake. I fell for what seemed an indefinite amount of time, where all life froze before me. Splash, I finally hit the cold, cold water, and descending roughly through the planes of still water, my head finally reached the bottom of the lake, striking a still harder object than the water itself. The jolt of sea ground hitting my head, brought me  back to the surface of the water, where I tried to swim, not knowing where the shore actually was, and growing quickly exhausted from the exertion of futile swimming in circles. Finally, I looked up to see where I was in relation to the shore, which inexplicitly was further than where I had started from, I saw on the distant shoreline, Savannah already jumping into the cold waters. She swam directly to me, and dragged me to shore. She dragged my limp body over the rocks and onto the wet shore, cradling my head in her lap. Finally after seeing me open my eyes, she helped me to my feet, and baring all of her weight and most of mine, we started the trek back to our house. Walking back to our place, she directed me the entire way; she put pressure on my head to stop the bleeding and once we were back home, we changed out of our wet clothes. I asked her how she had found me so quickly. She said, “You left a few hours ago, and I felt something big was going to happen, an ominous feeling descended upon my heart. An hour passed, and I started to worry, so I went out and then after an hour was walking I heard your call. Though these three hours of fog has blinded my eyes, your call echoed in my heart, and I knew where you would be. It was a loud shout, “S..A..V..A..N..N..A..H..” and then a loud crashing sound. I instantly knew where you were from the splashing water. I ran quickly as I could to the lake, and found you in the middle of the lake disoriented. Then I took off my coat and my over shirt and dove in the icy water for you. Now it’s time to eat my love, you need to regain your heat and strength. I first went into the bed room and pulled out a soggy piece of paper from the left leg pocket, and let it dry by the fire as I ate some soup. After eating, Savannah asked me to compose a work for her on the spot, and after five minutes of thinking, I took out a pad of paper and wrote:


Ask any flower

where it derives power

She’ll say beauty

For the world to see


Ask any of the birds

Why they sing without words

They’ll all proclaim

Man tempts life for fame


Ask any part of Nature

Why she lives so mature

She’ll answer honestly

I’m imitating the heart’s beauty


Ask any of the wise men

Where they live and have been

They’ll all say below or above

It doesn’t matter if you live with love


Ask any question of God

And he’ll answer with a nod

Imbuing life with a binding love

He releases his pure white dove


Ask any flower

Where it derives it’s power

She forever say beauty

For the world to see!



Then I went started to head to bed, then remembered the paper by the fireplace, and I took it, and unfolding it, I read the lines. “Though these three hours of fog has blinded my eyes, your call echoed in my heart, and I knew where you would be.”  I suddenly snapped back into a different reality and awoke a little confused. Then got up and washed my face and started the tasks at hand, wishing everyone a fantastic day, for that is how I start every morning.


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