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Here Where God Bowed To You

With Homage To You



yes you leap with stoic bounds

into scenes depicted through art’s great work



yes you step with slowing tempto

into the good graces of life measured out



yes you move with elegance metered

with a reserved lifestyle in love


Your eyes

they color life

with abounding love


Your eyes

they instill clarity

in an absorbing love


Your eyes

they crystallize the vision

with generous love


Your smile

it imbues happiness

with a joyous love


Your smile

it speaks innumerable volumes

with speechless love


Your smile

it kisses permanent beauty

with lingering laughter


Your nose

it smells the holy presence

with distinct pleasure


Your nose

it inhales life’s passions

with an eager grace


Your nose

it steadies the wandering mind

with a tranquil love


Your ears

they hear glorious melodies

with an ever eager love


Your ears

they bespeak of meanings forgotten

with an over-powering grace


Your ears

they delight in sonorous salutations

with a generous love


Your body

it feels the grand sensations of life

with a grateful love


Your body

it interacts with life wholly

with a desirous love


Your body

it reacts with wonder in life

with a graceful and sensuous love



yes you wander with languid step

into horizons unsought and unknown through love



yes you walk with quick step

with a fated and trusted love



yes you move with exuding grace

with an auspicious and preserving love


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To Be Loved

As You Deserved


I call your heart out

throbbing as it is

pumping furiously

excited for the thrill

of acknoiwledgement

and of being wrong.

Yes, I call your heart out

for laying dormant when love abounds

I chastise you and your heart

for denying yourself love

that flows like air into

the lungs that support the

body’s health


I call your mind out

contemplating possibilities

as it is

rationalizing arguments

and formulating rebuttals

and excuses.

Yes, I call your mind out

for getting in the way of love

I ignore your witty comebacks

for retreating when you should

have lept forward

for refusing life experience

because of a possible future hurt

and more than that

I walk away due to your unwillingness

to love yourself as I

would have loved you


I call you out

quaking in your tennis shoes

fearful of human contact

of a real living kind

Yes, I call you out

for remaining silent

when the world wanted your song

for standing still

when love called you to dance

and much more than that

for closing up your vulnerable

and once hopeful heart

against a beautiful and noble soul

as that of the man or woman

who would have loved you as you

deserve to be loved

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Here We Stand

Let Us Jump


He we stand


more and more apart

I cling single handedly

groping forever


the always

unattainable you


Here we stand


through waves of sheets


for the communion

of our

amorous love


Here we stand


gaining speed

as we plummit

towards the awakening wall

of coming disasters

always speeding

into that old

familiar ground of



Here we stand

looking over

the precipice

we placed along our

our path – that

darkened chasm

leveling our union

to a bewildering choice

of life with a new

inspired love or life

with the old established life

of family and friends


Here we stand

my choice is made

so take my hand

if you are of a like mind

and together let us jump

jump to a future not wholly

ours nor denied to us

so step up to me

and take my hand

let us jump into that

great unknown

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Exhibition Washington DC 17 Jan.

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My Soul

Lasting Warmth

My Soul
It washes upon
The shore
Of eternity
At the fringes of
Strange sights
Of evanescent

My Soul
It reflects the light
Through infinite suns
Of your
Love expanding soul
To fill
The greater depths of
God’s heart

My Soul
It soars in higher
World’s to
Illuminate stars
To inspire the
Of wandering souls
To sing

My Soul
It glistens with the
That emanates from
A life
Filled with the love that
A heart distilled to
Pure bliss

My Soul
It swims in the deep
Where life
Abides in hardship
There where
Only the light of
Love shines
To give lasting warmth
To light.

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Part Poet, Part Lover

Made Manifest


It is I

– part poet, part lover –

the lucky sentient boy

graced by love’s

holy presence in

this profane and earthly

life made manifest

by your sacred



It is I

– part woman, part man –

the eternally blamed

loved by infinite life

and raised by toilsome

hardship to chisel

excellence in your

abounding love made

manifest by your blessed



It is I

– part saint, part sinner –

the elevated worker

taught by the trials

of life to shoulder

the brunt of humanity’s

fault and failings,

the weight of your

world of frightened beauty

made manifest by your waking



It is I

– part artist, part art –

the luckless inhabitant

blessed with beautiful

sight and bound by

expanding visions to see

shifting horizons drifting

in an anxious ocean

made manifest by your

holy and grand



It is I

– part wise, part mad –

the spontaneous lover

bestowed with fading

and fated passions

to bloom love’s only

flower made manifest

by your sacred and quaking



It is I

– part lover, part poet –

the lucky man

imbued by life’s holu

heart in this profound

and earthly life made

manifest by your sacred


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Lovely Houri

Manifested Union Of Love


Love is the ignition

of the sacred flame

– rebellion – that the

lovely houri of sacred vision,

the firebrand of honored sights,

bestows onto this blessed world.

Her beauty shines through

the darkest night of humanity’s

conception to shower life’s

onerous path with the tempered

and incandescent flame of love.


Love is the penultimate chord

of Nature’s wandering song

– that glorious hymn echoing

through all living hearts –

bringing a rising scale of

emotions and condensing

passions into a fury

of windswept tears

and emblazoned hearts


Love is the spirit in accord

with the laws hopeful dreams

– those unspeakable aspirations

that vanish as soon as they

conceived – that leave a terror

in the heart and a chasm in

the soul. The bridge across

which only a narrow toll

will suffice and an act of

desperate longing will

concede to ever-invoking steps


Love is a sacred science

– the alchemy of the heart –

that transmutes the properties

of the carriers who bring forth

the encompassing love, changing

loathsome and regrettable traits

into crystallized gems of

perfection personalized

bonding to marred souls together

to form one blessed entity of

manifested unity in love

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