A Single Step

The Path Of Love


With the eyes of Indra

and the hand of God

I traverse down dark

and weary paths unsought


With the mind of Buddha

and the heart of Christ

I walk down the forgotten path

with the help of curenderos


With the strength of Kali

and the conviction of John

We move steadily forward

cautious of the waiting pitfalls


With the grace of Francis of Asisi

and the courage of Mirabai

We hold faith for our arrival

into faith’s abode of love




into the heart of love

we aspire to create great acts

with the ardent passions of Rumi

and the magic of David


careful of our failing sight

we grapple towards the circuitous sides

with the wisdom of Solomon

and the madness of Hafiz


moving slower with each new step

we pensively take the room given

with the humility of Terese

and the courage of Ganesha


in the act of each step

we find love, my curenderos and I

with the praise of Allah

and the songs of Nature


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