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The Opening

Opening Bodies


It’s open

– the gates to my heart –

standing at the ready

for your direct passage

along the path of love

Yes, it is open.


It’s open

– the windows to my soul –

waiting to glimpse

the passing of beauty

along the vistas of love

Yes, it is open.


It’s open

– the portal to my being –

wishing to contact

the pressing wisdom

held within your body’s love

Yes, it is open.

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I Heard You Say



I heard you say:

I’d like that too!

to come forth with purpose

made manifest.

To descend down

life’s swerving path

with a knowledge constructed

through a passionate heart.


I saw your eyes plead:

I’d like that too!

To walk hand in hand

with a brave and confidant heart

sure of it’s divine right, its

pressing meanings that

always give it more strength.


I felt your body scream:

I’d like that too!

To move with reverent steps

down that equivocal musings

of a stolid and emulating heart.

To know your own reasons,

and find them completely needed

in this shifting and shaping world.

To know your task is to animate

love in a fecund heart.

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Valentine’s Edict

All Love


All love is a path

guiding all who follow love

towards the heart of life.

And our touch brings life

to love’s surroundings holding

the hearts mysteries

within the enfolding path

that love brought to our hearts.


All love is a field

where life grows in abundance


life with amorous acts of

retribution and

copulation. And our hearts

desire a touch

gentle and elegant of

love’s abounding grace-filled peace


All love is a star

projecting an eternal

flame millions of light-

years through time and space giving

generations hope

and inspiring artists

of love’s true tension.

And our saving grace lies with

a new lease on life

lived full to life’s ripe endings

basking in life’s final truth.


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One Year In A Life

A Year


One year in a life

fills the void of time

with passions new

mounting the lingering climb

I may gain in a moment

what in a year I lost

or I may loose in a second

what a year would cost

now as it seems

I’ve lost my purpose to be

a specific cause or meaning

life’s delicate flow through me

Loosing life and property

within a year’s passing

death takes with it causes

and meanings of life amassing

Now I spend my waking moments

trying to fill the empty space

that time has emptily left

within my quivering heart’s pace

Divesting myself in work and drink

setting down words to make my art

I find my task anew is to

animate love within a dead heart.

Closing in on a year filled with death

the soul’s raw, bloody and opened wide

ready to take to life’s climb

with passions new to ride.


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Every Person

The Cause


Every person

the whole world wide

has a cause which he, or she

sets up in their individual heart

– to love, to emote, to create

-t0 fight, to prosper, to make

-to conquer, to prove, to legislate

-to share, to give, to take

we breathe deep to close our eyes

to see the purpose, the soul’s meaning

etched into the sinews of life in

every person

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