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Listen To Nature

What Nature Told Me


And the flowers whispered:

paint your life with radiance

and share your scent too

for in painting and sharing

beauty bestows grace

into a life worthy of

divine and ecstatic love


And the trees sang loud:

share your fruits with all you see

give your cool shade too

for in sharing and giving


is found to benefit you

and that benefits all life


And the grass proclaimed:

take all the weight of the world,

and give softness too

for in taking and giving

a truth is reveiled

that both if done with love true

manifested be

love with true beauty’s design

laced with generous portions


And nature joined too:

To live and to love are same

if both are done right

yet not done at all done wrong

to be true in life

is to be true in love too

and that’s a beautiful life!

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Invigorating Love

The Dreamer


You are my dreamer

always sacred and active

wholly feeling my

adorations with inspired


You are always my dreamer

as I am your loving dream


I am your dreamer

wide eyed and able bodied

contentedly glad

with my living dream’s landscape

filled with a golden

river of our flowing love;

one into the other’s love


We are our dreamers

each one to the other’s life

giving life anew

to burned out hearts and our souls

and through the rebirth

we find ourselves in new love

invigorating shared love

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Taking Joy

Into The Great Silence


I venture into

that great silence taking joy

in the growing dark

for therein lies the heart of

all creation too.

Love lingers in all

the places that life dwells in,

and we brace always

to face the waves of that old

restless ocean. And

it is upon this sea of

hopeful dreams each of

us sails. Enduring the winds

garrulously strong

searing the face of

our heart eternal and new.

So I venture now

into the great darkness full

of hopeful courage

and wishing you would come too.


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Master and Pupil

A Radiant Conversation


For inside you the God wishes to consult.

-the master said to the pupil –


You ever seek to learn the world

but the world you must peer into

resides within your own being.

You being the dreamer and the

world a dream are here to teach your soul

the lessons this life lends to you.

Remember child, that your vulnerable truth

shall rend the veil of tears that

hides your languid laughter.


– the master said to the pupil –

For inside you the God wishes to consult.


And the God spoke to us

– the pupil said to the master –


Eternity keeps naught but love

for love is like eternity. And being

eternity, the world revolves with

infinite delight bringing always

a new gladness to our hearts.  If there

is nothing between what we see and

what we are, then we are everything,

and being everything, we are eternal too.


– the pupil said to the master –

And the God spoke to us


And all life abounds

– the master said to the pupil –


Tonight my child, yes tonight

is worthy of music, and your love

has an eloquent tone. The sky and I

long to hear it. Let your voice shine forth

brilliant rays of serene sound. Shine! Shine! Shine!

Pour down your melodies, Great Soul!

while we bask, we two together.


– the master said to the pupil –

And all life abounds

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