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Sun and Moon

Sighs and Breaths


The breath of the sun

comes to us all

etching a blinding vision

into the heart of life


The sigh of the moon

expresses all our desires

entertaining the train of thought

that brings us into love


The breath of the sun

bequeathed by the universe

stretches beyond comprehension

into the loving darkness


The  sigh of the moon

given by life eternal

unites all living hearts

in a mindful soul


The breath of the sun

aligns humanity’s heart

uniting all of precious life

in the cause of infinite love


The sigh of the moon

shapes life’s fated destiny

fortifying love’s strength

in the place of highest honor


The breath of the sun

expands further than we can know

igniting a trail of passions unfurled

in the expressiveness of moments


The sigh of the moon

germinates love in our expanding hearts

lighting our souls on fire

in the ingratiating moments


The breath of the sun

comes to us all

waking our slumbering souls

in the beauty of life abound


The sigh of the moon

expresses all our desires

rousing generous love

in the beauty of the world abound

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The Wild Ones

Here’s To The Wild Ones


Here’s to the wild ones

-those who bare their heart out loud –

for they exude the furor

in jest as they express universality

and the oneness of life

Yes, here’s to the wild ones

that live in the moment of love.


Here’s to the wild ones

– those who speak love with loud actions –

for they show greatness

in frivolous moments of expressive life

and the wholeness of love

Yes, here’s to the wild ones

that create beauty in a feral world.


Here’s to the wild ones

-those who listen with wide open hearts –

for the contain greatness

in the vast universe of boundless love

and the unity of life

Yes, here’s to the wild ones

that teach the world to see love unadorned.

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Take From The Old World



There are old world symbols

that invoke new world thoughts

they span the chasm of time

to bring forth ineffable truth


There are new world sounds

that revive old world wisdom

they are reborn in the womb of memory

to ignite a revelatory life


The bridge is near to us

the gate is opened wide for us

-we must pass, we must enter

-we must walk through, we must brave all

-we must endure transitions, we must take the chance

-we must project ourselves, we must have courage

the door is momentarily opened for us

The bridge is oh so close to us


There are new world visions

that incite old world notions

giving a new turn on a fated truth

to invent an encompassed world


There are old world songs

that enhance new world passions

channeling life’s excitement

to imbue simplicity in a complicated world.

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Soul Growth

Follow Nature


Follow the sun and

veer with the shifting winds too,

the soul will inherit

the gifts of nature’s love and

the abundance of

our hearts growing contentment

expanding in spacious love.


Follow the vibrant

winds and change with the moving

river too, the heart

will find it’s peace in active

flowing, a constant

surging to the great basin

where all life is born from love.


Follow the minds eye

and those living intentions

too, the body will

gain the vitality of

eternity through

a truly expanding love

growing always from itself.

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