Take From The Old World



There are old world symbols

that invoke new world thoughts

they span the chasm of time

to bring forth ineffable truth


There are new world sounds

that revive old world wisdom

they are reborn in the womb of memory

to ignite a revelatory life


The bridge is near to us

the gate is opened wide for us

-we must pass, we must enter

-we must walk through, we must brave all

-we must endure transitions, we must take the chance

-we must project ourselves, we must have courage

the door is momentarily opened for us

The bridge is oh so close to us


There are new world visions

that incite old world notions

giving a new turn on a fated truth

to invent an encompassed world


There are old world songs

that enhance new world passions

channeling life’s excitement

to imbue simplicity in a complicated world.


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