Forgotten Circumstances

Memories of a Long Remembered Present


Once you gave me it

your ‘holy night of senses’

and that resulted in

a tremulous heart.

The next day apathy took

hold, never wanting

time to pass us by again.

Tedium, delirium


Mediocrity, and our

laziness set in until

time grew circumstance.

Once you gave me a true gift,

a gift we both know

your ‘holy night of senses’

ending with sweet ache

and a swell of combined love


Pure and divine

a wave of humanity

wholly perfected

when love’s severe time came by

feigned new circumstance

So now I give you

a ‘night of my senses.’ truth

ending with terrible and


precious feelings that

commiserate with constant

bombardments of our racing

hearts still beating in our minds.

Hear how it beats now

so insatiable and terribly

frightening for the soul to feel

waiting patiently, knowing

that time will come to birth

a newer circumstance.



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