Day 14 – Then And Now

The Faces Of Love


In the vast distance

and from the peripheral vision

I thought I saw them

the languid and laudable

faces of love. The semblance

of a life in balance

mired in the deepest joys

these faces – the ones

with love seeping

out from their hearts,

hands, and eyes. Yes, I thought

I might have seen them once

in a distant past where I

was still to become who

I now am, and I think I

might – very possibly maybe –

be able to see those bruised and

bloodied bodies leaking love

still with a happy countenance

about them. Oh, to be part

of that select group, those languid

and laudable faces of love.


A day has come from the

imminent present and presented

a choice, one provided by

a moment’s breathe. A choice

to face the unknown and receive

life’s greatest gift or to shrink back

and live a life clouded in doubt

and regret. It came to me, and I

jumped, am jumping, and will continue

to jump towards that place where

I too will bare my scars in the

light of the sun, and hand my

bloody and raw heart out to be

trodden on in the name of

love. I too, carry an air of hope

and breathe in joy. I am a novice,

a new-comer to the group, I too, am

a member of those languid

and laudable faces of love.


A day will surely come

when you shall choose to either

join us or shrink back in fear

to live in regret. You too

will be given a chance, and

that is all it takes, one chance

– one decision that can be

made right now –  to become

greater, more expansive. You

can breath in joy, and foster

your strength by becoming

more and more vulnerable, to

hold out your raw and still pumping

heart for the world to do as it will.

You will be given a choice to

surrender what or who you

thought you were to

become who you were born

to be – without those limits –

and then you will be a part

of the languid and laudable

faces of love


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