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Day 48 – Shine

Shining Light


Shine for your light love

and let the world bask

in the glorious radiance

that you project through actions

gracious and divine

Yes, shine for your light

and let the world see

the magnificence of your

totality in being


Shine forth your light love

and let life breath it in

inhaling the subtle fragrance

that pours out of your generous

form and perfected spirit

Yes, shine forth your light

and let life feel

the warmth of your

inspired generosity


Shine forth your light love

let me dwell in it

clothing myself with your love

in mind and spirit wholly constructed

Yes, shine forth your light

and let me taste

the sweetness of our time

spent in unfathomable love

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Day 47 – A Known Secret

That Which Allows Life To Flow On


A known secret was

told to the world through hushed tones

revealing subtle

truths that were already seen

causing naught but a

wave of inspired doubting

which allows life to flow on


A known secret was

whispered through innocuous

measures and displayed

by our tempered steps which speak

louder than our souls

could ever hope to intend

which allows life to flow on


A known secret was

bequeathed to the world through breaths

of lasting hope filled

to the brim of creation

singing out loud: Life’s

manifest destiny lies

in love eternally

which allows life to flow on

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Day 46 – Love’s Truth

Your Love Spins Me


Your love spins me like

a top whirling into the

chaotic cosmos

igniting passions divine

yes your love spins me

as the dervishes of old

spun for the same cosmic love


Your love compels me

as a frolicsome song draws

a dancer to the

world’s burgeoning stage of life

Yes, your love compels

me as the flowers in bloom

raise each day to honor love


Your love stills me like

a tempering wind blowing

into a brick wall

gusting upward with great force

Yes, your love stills me

only to raise me upwards

towards the greatness of love’s truth

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Day 45 – Are You Feeling This

Can You Feel This?


Are you feeling this

a spacial movement of life

pulling our souls down

the bloodied path where

love and creativity

live hand holding hand

ceasing not to let go ’til

our last sacred breath flows out


Are you feeling this

a flowing color blowing

through our happy hearts

and igniting a fury

of creative stir

always innocuously

bestowing the pains

of birth through eace tired breath

and a gasping of glad hope


Are you feeling this

a flowing movement of love

pushing our souls through

the muddy path of blessings

confounding the mind

with unheralded fruits that

bring even more gifts

through the hardships that our lives

pass through while holding to love

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