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Day 55 – On And On We Drift

To Drift

On and on we drift

listlessly first this way, then

in that direction

through this sea of unending

postures depicting

love in all its myriad

forms that hold all life in light

And in the native

moments we roam through this world

sacredly pure and

naively oblivious

always seeking our

unguarded hearts and our

expressive actions of love

For we hear from far

off the clarion bells that toll,

perched high above the

verdant and fecund lands where

life swells with love and

light, yes we hear those bells ring

with love’s powerful vigor

And on and on we

drift listlessly, this way and

that through this foaming

sea of inspired life and

using only our hearts

as our guide we travel as

one to the land of love’s light

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Day 54 – To Arise Knowing

Each Day

Each day I arise

waking to the beauty out

of this inspired

world, lying right next to me

held within my arms

grasp and I sleepily grin

starting to laugh in

my own heart for I now know

my words and my deeds

will always fail to convey

the beauty that sleeps in life

Each day I arise

radiating the love out

of my eternal

heart, and yielding to the peace

and tranquility

that your grace-filled love

brings to my aching

and drowned heart for your gentle

touch and beaconing

eyes redeposit what is

given so freely to life

Each day I arise

swimming in the ecstatic

sea of profound love

taking our shared beauty as

my life raft and guide

and I shall follow the path

as long as beauty

and love lead me down the path,

treacherously filled

with snares, traps, and voids

tempting me to leave your side

Each day I arise

waking to the beauty in

this pure and sacred

heart, still beating in this chest

resting next to me,

still held within my warming arms

and I start to laugh

for I now know life’s secret;

that my words will always fail

to convey love’s true beauty

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Day 53 – It Came Upon A Sacred Night

A Night Like This

In the hour of shining stars and dropping dews

I came with incensed heart and soul aflame

the the places I would be from

and had left the places I would make a name

yet, I leave all that in the past

and make my way towards you – my ideal

the lover I could only hope to have

for all the knowledge in the world

wouldn’t hold up a grain of sand that knew love

for what does knowledge know of love?

Love is not rational nor always straight forward

it takes no measured steps and knows no bounds

There is a supreme arc of light that our hearts follow

and that arc takes us from our god-nature to

the outer spheres of mystical experiences in order to

find our mutual arc to travel with and learn the

intimate intricacies of radiant love in order

to set the arc on a path to fullness and once

found that love returns back to it’s emanating place

of sanctified solitude with a companion

and finally comes to fill the soul with a divine

cosmic wisdom that only the blesses lovers may know.

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Day 52 – Walk Through And Keep Walking

Keep Walking And Walk Through

Walk up and enter that palace

be brave and listen not to those who

in undertoned whispers speak

of sacred blasphemies that would

haunt you in those public places

Yes, walk up and enter that palace

where the heart dwells in abundance

and the soul lives on eternal

Walk through that postured gate

move swiftly and heed not the warnings

for they will distract and obscure the grand

sight that is sure to come when you

pass that holy threshold with ease

Yes, walk through that postured gate

and make your presence known

in the mesmerizing palace of love

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Day 51 Life’s Teachings

What Life Has Said

Life has taught and it has hid

Life has given with jest and wild bid

for life is continuous and while we are here

She will taunt us with fleeting pleasures and fear

for through agitation and change we surely grow

and growth within a subtle change greatness will sow

for within a living soul there is a seed

from which shall emerge a greater need

for when the spirits call to fill us, the hollow reed

and that need will turn to fuel for consumption to feed

you must be ready to act, and never regret in sinking low

for there is a calling, an urge to act when we know

feigning a smile, a tear, or even a little wicked sneer

just remember when the time comes that loss will be fear

for Life has given with jest and with a wild bid

and Life has taught just as much as it has hid

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Day 50 – The Path Of Love

New Experiences

The path of love

– like that of lovers –

stays far from the public way

reinventing lives

through secret growth

sending up tendrils of coiled love

upward towards the glories

of the highest day

and retreating but a little

to revive the life lived

through love by the powers

of the luminescent night

Yes, the path of love

meanders here and there

seemingly without direction

but always accomplishes more

than the mere ridicule that

the public has mastered.

The public way descends upon

the lives of those who follow

conspicuous paths – devious or

graced – but condemns all who

travel off the public ways

citing consternation, distraction,

dangers, or stubbornness as

reasons why all should hold to

the public way. But the followers

of different routes know the benefits

of going off the ready-made path

and recreate themselves with each and

every new experience. Yes, the followers

of the path of love – and that

of lovers – come to know intimately the

truth gained through hardship:

New Experiences are the crux of

our souls.

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Day 49 – Greater Realms

Your Love

Impeccable obscurities

run rampant

throughout my mind

while your

wily winds

my love,

help to steer

them towards

greater realms of

creative love.

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