Day 50 – The Path Of Love

New Experiences

The path of love

– like that of lovers –

stays far from the public way

reinventing lives

through secret growth

sending up tendrils of coiled love

upward towards the glories

of the highest day

and retreating but a little

to revive the life lived

through love by the powers

of the luminescent night

Yes, the path of love

meanders here and there

seemingly without direction

but always accomplishes more

than the mere ridicule that

the public has mastered.

The public way descends upon

the lives of those who follow

conspicuous paths – devious or

graced – but condemns all who

travel off the public ways

citing consternation, distraction,

dangers, or stubbornness as

reasons why all should hold to

the public way. But the followers

of different routes know the benefits

of going off the ready-made path

and recreate themselves with each and

every new experience. Yes, the followers

of the path of love – and that

of lovers – come to know intimately the

truth gained through hardship:

New Experiences are the crux of

our souls.


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