Day 53 – It Came Upon A Sacred Night

A Night Like This

In the hour of shining stars and dropping dews

I came with incensed heart and soul aflame

the the places I would be from

and had left the places I would make a name

yet, I leave all that in the past

and make my way towards you – my ideal

the lover I could only hope to have

for all the knowledge in the world

wouldn’t hold up a grain of sand that knew love

for what does knowledge know of love?

Love is not rational nor always straight forward

it takes no measured steps and knows no bounds

There is a supreme arc of light that our hearts follow

and that arc takes us from our god-nature to

the outer spheres of mystical experiences in order to

find our mutual arc to travel with and learn the

intimate intricacies of radiant love in order

to set the arc on a path to fullness and once

found that love returns back to it’s emanating place

of sanctified solitude with a companion

and finally comes to fill the soul with a divine

cosmic wisdom that only the blesses lovers may know.


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