Day 55 – On And On We Drift

To Drift

On and on we drift

listlessly first this way, then

in that direction

through this sea of unending

postures depicting

love in all its myriad

forms that hold all life in light

And in the native

moments we roam through this world

sacredly pure and

naively oblivious

always seeking our

unguarded hearts and our

expressive actions of love

For we hear from far

off the clarion bells that toll,

perched high above the

verdant and fecund lands where

life swells with love and

light, yes we hear those bells ring

with love’s powerful vigor

And on and on we

drift listlessly, this way and

that through this foaming

sea of inspired life and

using only our hearts

as our guide we travel as

one to the land of love’s light


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