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Day 78 – A Shuttering Sigh

Mornings Wake

A shuttering sigh

in morning’s wake

inspires the heart

a love to make

rousing nearly

to find a naked heart

tempts the wandering

life, creation’s art

gazing loudly at

the holy insipid sight

gains momentums

sacred rite

and to inspire the heart

a love doth make

always a shuttering sigh

shows in morning’s wake

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Day 77 – Remove The Hindrances

See The Beauty And Be The Love

Take the mask from your face

– remove that darkening veil –

and look with unguarded eyes

far into that misty fog of pain

and the darkening travesties that

surround you. Look past all of it

and at the edge of darkness you

will find a shimmer of light,

a glimmer of hope, look to that

area, focus it and you will see

a vast view of beauty abounding

your life entirely.

Take the cloths from your body

– remove that placated identity –

and those rags that would bind you

to who you think you are, or who you

think the world thinks you are and

become the strength and beauty

of love wholly formed in flesh

that you truly are. Look hard at who you

are and know your strengths and

how delicate or finely attuned your

manifested beauty is from your courageous

spirit, yes remove and throw away that old

apparel and cloth yourself in love.

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Day 76 – Become Who You Are Meant To Be

We Become The Light

The shifting skiesĀ  of an ominous sight

reflects the gaining momentum’s right

trespassing in life’s sacred domain

we become, always becoming the light

The blackness of night fades to white

revealing the glories of love’s abundant might

beckoning life to breath that strength in

we become, always becoming the light

The body balks when the mind takes flight

painting life in delicious moments so bright

setting our souls ablaze with love’s great fire

we become, always becoming the light

The pull of the soul seeks messages to write

projecting the creative movements above our plight

awakening the sleeping giant of your sacred soul

we become, always becoming the light

The shifting skies part for life’s wondrous sight

reflecting beauty in the eye’s sacred right

tempting fate to ignite in love’s truest glory

we become, always becoming the light

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Day 75 – Lilting Harmonies

Open Your Sacred Eye

As my sacred eye open

I saw her, that who would

stoke the embers of

life’s burning love, and

in a lilting whisper she sang

sweetness in my ears.

That lovely houri of my blessed

vision bestowed the beauty

of my honored sights onto

this holy world. In closing my

eyes to take her wondrous song

deep within my being, letting

the harmonies dance in

my awakening heart; she left

with a parting song: your beauty

shines through the darkest night

to shower life’s path with love.

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Day 74 – The Living Joys

In This Life

In this life

– this living joy –

we expand beyond

the collapsing limits

we once set up

and in that rubble

we have a choice

to rebuild those limits

and hinder the growth

and stay who we weren’t

meant to be, or we can

stretch our angel wings

and go exploring

In this life

– this living exploration –

we wander the infinite

spheres of our guiding

emotions and realize that

the joy in this lifetime

is not finite, but grows


with every good thought

and every excellent

moment spent with

love in our heart

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Day 73 – Cityscape


In this vast cityscape

noises fill our lives

noises manufactured

with intent – to benefit and

to harm – yes noises surround

and imbue our lives with

a sense of purpose and

tempt us to hurry

for productivity’s sake

In a world of noises

only truth is silent

and that silence is

only heard in the

heart that’s at peace

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Day 72 – Take The Tools

Do The Work

Take the duster and start

removing the webs and

dustĀ  from this forgotten

heart, yes; take mercy on

a love denied and cleanse

the unadorned heart

working continuously with


Take the rags and begin

polishing those crystalline

mirrors of this heart to a

shimmering shine, yes, take

honored labor and revive

the sweet pains of wild love

to make manifest the beauty

the receptive heart bestows

unto this world with


Take the tools and work:

polish the mirrors of this

heart and the glass of

the soul will reflect the

vast immensity of the

universe bathed with


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Day 71 -Shine Forth

We Who Love

Shine forth your light

you being of love

shine forth your holy light

emanating from your heart

and I’ll come to worship

at the shrine of your life

Though I may come,

others will follow for

the brilliance of your light

will illuminate these dark days

and all who are near will come to see

that we who love are love united

and we who love are love filled

and we who love are love whole

Shine forth your light

you being made of love

shine forth your sacred light

and become the beacon of hope

I’ll come and pay homage to

the shrine of your celestial sight,

and others will come in reverence too

for your light, that coming from

your pure but tarnished heart

will open the doorway for love

and we who love are souls united

and we who love are souls filled

and we who love are souls whole

Shine forth your light

you being of love

shine forth your holy light

emanating from your heart

and I’ll come to worship at

the shrine of your life

Though I may come

others will follow too

and we who carry the banners

of love’s truest cause

shall walk through the door

that your light has gracefully opened

to finally come to realize that

we who love are love united

and we who love are love filled

and we who love are love whole

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Day 70 – On This Day

Born Of Love

On this day born of love

Life ventures over and above

out in front of where I would step

showing grace with each gentle shove

Following close to gain truth’s sight

I seek to reach the pentacle of beauty’s height

so I eagerly follow love into that fated cavern

and watch the waters flow in love’s might

Nearing the passages crooked end

I see your beautiful face, my beloved friend

and I clasp your hand in mine, heart to heart

in the hope that you and I will start to mend

Through the pressing rocks we gently shove

removing the obstacles falling from above

we glide past the hindrances of our life

on this beautiful day born of love

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Day 69 – Habitual Moments

Native Expressions

Native expressions of habitual moments

roam this casual world of dancing leaves

seeking the unguarded hearts of solitary

lovers and their expanding acts for grace.

These monotonous moments ever moving,

find within each soul a reason to fly, a

reason to dance, and a reason to smile

and it becomes evident, much clearer now,

that each participant has the cause to

choose which reason lies in their heart

and the best action for the always roaming

native expressions of habitual moments

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