Day 61 – The Mushroom Fairy

Those Echoing Words

As I entered the

holy realm covered

with a veil of hungry mist

I was greeted by

the sacred body

of the mushroom fairy

tentatively she crept

following where I had

stepped, gazing with

serene ease and pensive

interest in the path I

chose to take. She

quickened her pace to

finally greet me fully

with a slanting bow

and a reverent smile.

She drew me forth

and told me her

secrets: Open the door

my earthly lover, open

the door and be

vulnerable to the

ravaging flames of

love. Let those flames

burn down the walls

you have built out

of fear for protection

for as those walls remain

love will not be whole

or true, so open that door

and stay vulnerable

to those sacred flames.


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