Day 62 – Chilly Lessons

A Day Chilled By Lessons

A chilly day come with a wakeful tear

dismissing the faults of the past year

Breathing in the deep, dark voices past

and remaining vigilant yet never clear

Rain starts to fall in the pliant day

soaking the wounds we couldn’t say

paying with equitable and delicious showers

and slowly bringing health while lives pray

Walking out and the rain turns to snow

me, without a jacket – for what would I know

walking hands in my pockets chilled down to my bones

and I take in the coldness without a show

Walking around for hours like that

my body went numb when finally I sat

breathing slowly to let the coldness take over

and finding peace in the breath where I sat

Then finally starting to stand, my limbs stiffly cold

slowly and delicately I walked like I was once told

ambling here and there until I reached my start

and I found the snow had turned to rain, less bold

And entering my house with new lessons to learn

watching the rain stop as the day began to turn

Night fast approaching with a new luminance

I light the candles and watch the flames burn

Lying in bed surrounded by my books

living in a domain where poetry looks

and lives as a breathing entity to commune

with me I learn that love gives by never took


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