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Day 85 – It Is Then

Day And Night

It is when night

spreads her celestial wings

darkening the blue sky

with inspired wonder

that I come nearest to you

It is when day

lights his torch of radiance

igniting the black night

with vivid beauty

that I come closest to love

It is when night

flies high above the earth

revealing the starlit passions

with veiled promptings

that I come nearest to you

It is when day

gilds this warming sphere

lighting the golden skies

with love’s divine strength

that I come nearest to god

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Day 84 – In The Times Of Love

Life And Times


Life and times

abound with love forever

leaping to the

faith of beauty’s divine

season, the soft white

purity of love’s

innocence rolling

playfully towards

the celestial soul’s infinite



Times and life

rise up with love’s

adoration eternally

flying through the

ethereal serenity of

faith’s holy perfection,

adorning beauty

with grace’s magnificence;

the pale white innocence

of love’s inexhastive

beauty envelopes all

life in a cocoon of

pliable strength, enduring love and

auspicious beauty


Life and times

abound with love eternal

roaming the terrestrial canvas

of faith’s season of

perfected beauty, the

soft white innocence of

truth’s strength creates

the purity of love

enfolding within life

the greatness of abounding


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Day 83 – Miraculously Wonder-Filled

On A Day

On a day

pressed from love

we bleed true passions

in knowing that


all that we know,

and all that we don’t,

is more grand – more precious

than what we

could ever lead on.

On a day

bled with passions

we press our

advantage of living

with an open and

vulnerable heart

by giving our gilded

treasure unto this

miraculously wonder-filled


On a day

born of love

we consecrate

the death of life’s

inhibiting fear to

bask in the holy lands

of wild imaginations

where love runs

unhindered by blind

misconceptions and

vulgar promises of

modest temperance

On a day

bereft of death

we live whole

and completely

with our heart,

soul, body, and mind

in sync with each other

so that the fostered

love of the souls divine

will heal this miraculously

wonder-filled world

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Day 82 – If You Lift Me Up

Lift Up and Send Me On My Way

If you lift me up with love

and send me

on my way towards you

I’ll conquer the demons that

linger within a faulty heart

singing praises to you

always to you

If you raise me up with grace

and show me

the golden path of love

I’ll traverse the trails with renewed passions

giving my heart to you

always to you

If you heal me with love

and tell me

the mystical secrets of the heart

I’ll compose unutterable truths

leaving my soul to you

always to you

If you save me with strength

and give me

the fortitude to manifest light

I’ll burn through the dark

shining my love to you

always to you

So lift me up with love

and send me

on my way towards you

and I’ll shall bare those demons

that linger within your faulty heart

singing all the praises to you

always to you

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Day 81 – Invite To Create

With Each Breath

Invite the creative love

with each breath

and manifest beauty

within the soul’s

sacred body and perform

the dance of eternal life.

Invite the creative breath

with each passion

and inculcate truth

within the body’s

blessed soul and fill love

in the dance of life eternal.

Invite the creative passion

with each love

and let settle the wisdom held

within the body’s

holy soul while choreographing

the dance of eternal love.

Invite the creative love

with each breath

and manifest the beauty

within the soul’s

sacred body and perform

the dance of love eternal!

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Day 80 – Get Up And Dance

Edge Of Love

Get up and dance,

dance yourself to

the edge of love

then fall through

the precipice into

ecstasy. Celebrate

the life of ecstatic

love with abounding

grace for every breath

you take imbues

your life with a colorful

love and your actions

paint the harmonies

that fill our souls. So,

Get up and dance,

Dance yourself to

the edge of eternal love.

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Day 79 – Life Sings Through You

Distilling Passions

Take your distilled

passions and form

a world of endless

amusements through

love’s divine grace

First by respecting

and giving in to the

responsibility of

your numerous gifts

and Secondly by

taking those infinite

gifts and utilizing

them in a manner

where the colors

of your leaping heart

evaporate into the

effervescent movements

of the dancing soul.

So, take your distilled

passions, my friend, and

form this world of

endless wonder and

eternal beauty for life

sings through you.

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