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Day 91 – Seek To Give

Seek To Give

Happy is to still

feel pain alongside pleasure

for there is always

beauty in life’s breakdown.

Life lies next to a

languid heart that rests between

the sanguine beats and

we breathe peace and life into

the love we seek, love we give

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Day 90 – Love’s Tapestry

The Tapestry Of Love

Upon the winged eaves

of our celestial soul

the heart

– our clarion bell –

sounds with powerful

vigor weaving delicate

harmonies into the

musical tapestry of love

Upon the fluted columns

of our terrestrial soul

the arms

– our elegant buttresses –

press with expansive

might strengthening

beautiful intricacies into the

manifested tapestry of love

Upon the dusty pages

of our aged soul

the words

– our graceful balance –

maneuvers with enlightening

beauty to reveal truth into the

unified tapestry of love:

“Life’s manifest destiny lies in Love”

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Day 89 – Forever Dwelling

The Scope Of Love

Within the scope of love

holy writ is sent from above

dwelling ever in a lonely heart

life lives in all with love’s shove

Each life plays it’s own part

the grand cycle completes it’s art

infusing passions in a moments eye

we draw love’s elixir from our heart

Through the ocean’s tides and flows

love conquers life’s tides as it goes

signaling ever for a greater challenge

life discovers what love already knows

And so life plays each part

directing love with compass and chart

love imbues life with colorful ardor

while life embraces love with an open heart

Life passes by with love’s gentle shove

and holy writ is delivered from above

pushing life forward with a fulfilled heart

we forever dwell in the scope of love

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Day 88 – What Remains

And Only Love

The diligence of an

austere moment breaks

through the foam and froth

of our auspicious time,

setting a new course;

feigning difference from

the clipper of old,

that aged performance

guiding desire towards

the ‘easy life’ yet

failing to live

to the standards of equality.

We, the new captain and

crew steer this vessel

towards a different

abundance where currency

fails to live up to

the current standards

and only love remains.

Yes, it is in this most

diligent moment that we

break through the froth

and foam on this time

to follow our hearts

into love.

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Day 87 – Three Wise Ideals

To Beauty, Truth And Love


that penultimate force

which rips

the guise of pain

that strangles your

passions, awakens

your heart

to love eternal


that supreme force

which rends

the veil of sorrow

that hides your

laughter, opens

up your heart

to love eternal


that expansive force

which tears

the vale of fear

that kills your

joy, resuscitates

your infinite soul

with love eternal

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Day 86 – Expressive Acts

Native Moments

Our native moments

flow through forms

seeking our

precious hearts

– unguarded and open –

deliriously waiting

for an oportunity

to fill our cup of

life with a renewed

frenzied passion

and to finally culminate

in expressive acts

Our native movements

flow with graceful forms

searching for our souls

and precious hearts

– unguarded and raw –

wantonly wanting

to find our unity

through enmeshed hearts

and conjoined souls

to fully culminate

in love’s expressive acts.

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