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Day 94 – Wanderers

A Fulfilled Love

We wanderers

of the lonelier path

breathe in love

as we amble under

the sunlit skies

and give thanks

through our graced

steps of austere

beauty and then

we breath out

our gratitude as

we take our measured

steps under the

veiled stars. For under

this starry canopy of

inky blue and piercing

white we wanderers

seek always to live

the absolute truth

of fulfilling love

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Day 93 – Inside The Hearts

Wild Men, Wild Women

Inside the hearts

of wild men

is a truth barely

whispered in

inaudible tones

that love remains

where life is lived.

There it is

kept secret and in

that secrecy lies a

vulnerable strength

that unites love into

life and life into love

Inside the hearts

of wild women

is a secret worth

baring unto the world

a truth that incapsulates

the worth and value

of beauty’s strength

There is the sublety

of beauty’s holy truth

that it is each of our

duty to dissolve into

that sacred space, to

become one with love

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Day 92 – Inside and Outside

Inside Love, Outside Attraction

Inside attractions

lies in secret darkness and

inner sanctity

our holy incarnations

and it is our task

to remember that one truth

we are god hidden in love

Outside attractions

in parallel obstacles

lies our diminished

truths feigning comfortible

ignorance that will

always deny the presence

of our true selves, holiness

Inside attraction

we come to fully know how

to embrace and share

our true selves within the scope

of eternal and

infinite love; basking in

that vast and moving

sea, knowing always that we

are god inside attractions

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