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Day 111 – Discouragement

For A Discouraged Sister

Life –
That universal passage
From birth to death
And back to
Rebirth –
May not be
What you:
But it is an
Ideal to
Creation itself
So that’s
It’s best to
Keep in
Mind that you –
Independent of race,
Creed, or form;
You are Strong.
Beautiful. and
The challenges
Of this day,
This year, or this
Intrepid life,
Makes you all
The stronger; the
Ugliness, the pain,
The sorrow, the grief,
And the suffering of a
Life lived with
Death reveals the
Endless well of
Beauty that flows
Always through you;
And the
Intimate intelligence
Dwelling in
Your eternal heart
Gives forth a
Radiant light
In the darkness
Of fortified ignorance.
So stay strong
Sister, whomever
You are, and
Be your naturally
Beautiful self, the
World, and I,
Need you more
Than you know.


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Day 110 – The Wind And The Tree

The Argument

Walking forth down
This deserted lane
– open space reigns
Where a lone tree
Stands – I heard
The desperate words
Of a plaintive sight.
The words whispered
By the tree and
The words howled
By the wind
– which is to
Be followed?
Which would you
The tree favored
Active and mindful
Participation; the
Service of
Giving to all;
Whereas the wind
– full of its own
Self protection – argued
For a state of total
Observation; a
Witnessing from a
Safe distance
And leaving the point
Unresolved, for both
– the tree and
The wind- had merits, the
Debate moved to
Another point of
Heated contention where
The tree argued for stability and
Being rooted in who
You are and where
You live while
The wind championed
The cause of sacred
Travel to find your
True self – your intricate
Self – in the new
Experiences that only
Travel can bring.
Then contemplating both
Equally, I slowly moved on
Entering back into daily life
With the unresolved argument
Lingering in my heart.

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Day 109 – Ruins And Riches

Two Roads

I’ve been to the city
Of ruins and riches
– walking those lonely streets
And seeing the desperate scenes-
I witnessed the living death
Of a singular prostration
Before the altar of money
As the vultures of faith
Picked apart the living
Caracas of life’s miserable
Coffers before them

And I’ve been to the
City of riches and ruins
Where peace and harmony reign.
I walked those golden
Streets of divine intentions and
Saw  the faithful saints
Washing the feet of strangers
– washing my feet to as I passed-
And blessing me, and all, with their
Purity of heartfelt grace. Yes,
Along these roads I
Have walked and found,
In the end, that both
Are good; that both
Are necessary

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Day 108 – Mists Of Sound

The Glorious Song

The mists of sound
Wash over
The verdant fields
Of humanity bringing
The lasting song of
Exalted peace;
Betraying the longing
Heart of it’s
Sacred melody.
And with the union
Of Nature’s
Hymn and her
Call, the world
Gave forth
A singular
Music – the song
Of Nature,
True and whole,
And only an
Active participant,
Those few listeners
Who hear with
The heart instead
Of the ears,
Will hear the
Glories of her
Everlasting song.

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Day 107 – Elegant You

Eloquence Of Life

You –
Are not
Your body
Nor are
Your thoughts.

Lies not
In excellent
Nor does
Your beauty
Lie in
Your corporeal
For you are
The grand
Of life.

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Day 106 -This Wild World

Take Delight

In this wild
World of ours
We should take
Delight in the
Dark times, those
Painful events for
It is then that
The heart of
Creation lies
Waiting for
The opportunity
To manifest a
Changing beauty,
A welcoming
Light to manifest
Growth, peace, and love.

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Day 105 – New Beauty

The Witnessing

When witnessing
New beauty
For the first time
My soul – it washes
Upon the shores
Infinite eternity
Forever lapping
At the fringes of
Wondrous sights

When gazing towards
Sights unrivaled
For moments passed
My heart – it aches
To bleed for that
Beauty and to contact
The pain that lies
In life’s manifested
Destiny – the path of
Beauty’s wisdom

When seeking truth
From the sacred shores
Of mystified eternity
The eye starts to
Clear itself of beauty’s
Delicate fa├žade and
It comes to realize
There’s beauty in
A breakdown, for
There new growth
Is entirely possible.

Yes, when witnessing
New beauty
For the first time
My soul – it washes
Upon the shores
Infinite eternity
Forever lapping
At the fringes of
Wondrous sights

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