Day 110 – The Wind And The Tree

The Argument

Walking forth down
This deserted lane
– open space reigns
Where a lone tree
Stands – I heard
The desperate words
Of a plaintive sight.
The words whispered
By the tree and
The words howled
By the wind
– which is to
Be followed?
Which would you
The tree favored
Active and mindful
Participation; the
Service of
Giving to all;
Whereas the wind
– full of its own
Self protection – argued
For a state of total
Observation; a
Witnessing from a
Safe distance
And leaving the point
Unresolved, for both
– the tree and
The wind- had merits, the
Debate moved to
Another point of
Heated contention where
The tree argued for stability and
Being rooted in who
You are and where
You live while
The wind championed
The cause of sacred
Travel to find your
True self – your intricate
Self – in the new
Experiences that only
Travel can bring.
Then contemplating both
Equally, I slowly moved on
Entering back into daily life
With the unresolved argument
Lingering in my heart.


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