Day 111 – Discouragement

For A Discouraged Sister

Life –
That universal passage
From birth to death
And back to
Rebirth –
May not be
What you:
But it is an
Ideal to
Creation itself
So that’s
It’s best to
Keep in
Mind that you –
Independent of race,
Creed, or form;
You are Strong.
Beautiful. and
The challenges
Of this day,
This year, or this
Intrepid life,
Makes you all
The stronger; the
Ugliness, the pain,
The sorrow, the grief,
And the suffering of a
Life lived with
Death reveals the
Endless well of
Beauty that flows
Always through you;
And the
Intimate intelligence
Dwelling in
Your eternal heart
Gives forth a
Radiant light
In the darkness
Of fortified ignorance.
So stay strong
Sister, whomever
You are, and
Be your naturally
Beautiful self, the
World, and I,
Need you more
Than you know.


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