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Day 118 – Wild Freedom

Wild And Free

Within you as with me
For in all, and all will see
Lies a world, a world so true
Full of wonder and colors free

With you as with me
And in friends with enemy
There lies a golden myth
Worth exploring, left to be

So go within and you will see
The secrets hidden, that’s your key
Discover your myth and see your heart
To live you life wild and free.

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Day 117 – You Can

Can You?

Can you love without
Fear- that obtrusive hindrance
Which fronts a feigning
Insistence to a current
Malady and stops
The life lived in the moment.
Can you love without that fear?

Can you live without
Death- that gregarious and
Pompous importance
Which masquerades around life
As limitless fear
And stops creation’s true bliss.
Can you live without that death?

Can you live within
Creative love- that boundless
Ocean of restless
Momentum full of its own
Comings and goings
To which you always arrive.
Can you live within that love?

Can you love within
Life’s cosmic dance- that still beat
Of a heart in the
Moment of all creation
And find the true place
Where you were destined to be.
Can you love within that life?

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Day 116- The Essence Of God

Flowering Godheads

The flowering godheads
Of a mythic
Faith distills
The truth of
A vulnerable
Heart that lies
Hidden deep
Within an open-
Book life
Reveal your
Silent secrets
And light the
Candle of your
Creative love.
Invite that
Inspired love
To manifest the
Devotional heart-
Song that the
Flowering godheads
Of a mythic faith sing.

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Day 115 – Beauty’s Birth

The Birth Of Beauty

The pull of the soul
Draws me closer still
And seeing further
I venture now into
That wild silence; where
Our inner natures arise,
And there I peered through
The depths of eternity
– though it was wreathed
In the flames of
Innocuous time and
Clothed within the veil of
Spacial experiences – I
Saw eternity merge with
Man’s infinite soul; and
In that coalescing
Magnitude beauty was born.

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Day 114- This Day


On this day born
Of love eternal
You took me to
Nature where
Wild thoughts run free.
Now, here we sit
– we wanderers ever
Seeking lonelier
Paths- listening
To the fading
Secrets of the sun;
Those words of
Lingering love for
The maternal moon
Whispered through
The language of
Colors divine. Breathing
In those sacred
Blasphemies of mystified
Desires I found my
Denied truth – shivering
And starved of intention –
Hidden in your
Glistening eyes. And
These native moments
That roam the world
Seeking unguarded hearts
And expansive acts
Manifest life’s destiny
Through abounding love.
On this day born
Of love eternal you
Took me to Nature
Where wild thoughts
Always run free.

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Day 113- The Entering


Enter my being
And let my actions be your
Doings; speak your truth
Through my deeds and see with
My eternal heart.
Let love dwell in your kingdom
And share in the joy of life

Enter my being
And let your actions be my
Paint your wisdom with the hues
Of my grace-filled thoughts.
Let love dwell where you reside
And share in the joy of life.

Enter my being
And let all acts emanate
Through love and life long;
Speak only truth with ardent
Passion in your heart
Let love dwell in your kingdom
And share in the joy of life.

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Day 112 – Creation’s Evening

The Eve Of Creation

Upon the eve
Of creation I
Threw my spirit
To the winds and
Let those temperate
Rains wash my
Heart, purifying
It for the entrance
And with the arrival
Of dawn you become,
You light that wraps
Me and all
Things in delicate and
Equitable showers, become
The perfected circumstance to
Awaken the prophetess
Of your grace
Into the profound greatness
And to awaken
The magus of immense
Power and knowledge
Into being. So breathe
Into your birth great
Prophet and be
Guided by love’s light
of the heart’s

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