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Day 119 Today

Each Day

Today of all days
An arrival changed life’s path
Love’s incarnation
Came upon my buoyant heart
Demanding action
– a cosmic joke of a choice-
Either to live in
The impossibilities,
Or to dance her to
The edge of divine madness
And in turn I’d loose
Myself in the ecstatic
Fall, or allow her
To consume my whole being
With the flames of her
Ardent passion that only
Serve to bring me salvation

Today and all days
An arrival can change your life
Love’s incarnation
Will come to your steadfast heart
Demanding a choice
– a chance for a revival –
To set you ablaze
With the fervent desire
Of your salvation,
Or to have you live
In impossibilities,
Or to perform the
Dance of your liberation
To dance her to the
Edge of celestial love
The choice is before
You, your actions will answer.

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