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Day 14 1 – Relinquish Your Ties

Let Love Be Your Guide

Let loose the reigns

of your life’s following

grip not too tightly

and beckon life the

rivers to the oceans

Let loose those reigns

of driving change and

let love be your guide

Let go the mindsets

and mental constructs

plan not too concretely

and allow curiosity

shape your path through life

Let loose those plans

of a conceptual future and

let love be your guide

Let go those achievements

and suspicious awards

put not too much austerity

to your accolades in life’s

sought out fortunes of fate

Let loose those trinkets

of societal conformity

towards an orderly planned life and

let love be your guide

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Day 140 – If You Wish To Go

Seek Your Path

Seek your path

if you wish

go out and find

what you’re searching

for, and along the way

may you come to see

the vision of life’s truth

Come and see that life’s

manifest destiny lies in love

Seek your soul

if you want

go in and find

the way your searching

for, and in those mental

landscapes may you come

to realize the visage of love’s truth

Come and see that love’s

manifest destiny lies in you

Seek your path

if you want

go out and find

the roaming moments that

pass the world over

seekingĀ  the unguarded hearts

and the expressive acts

Come and see that the soul’s

manifest destiny lies in love

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Day 139 – Celebrate Love


Dissolve into the

divine greatness flowing through

your cosmic being

Invite creative love to

manifest the faith

of your destined love body

Dissolve into the

cosmic love flowing into

your innate greatness

Manifest the love that will

be your guide to a

burning salvation fulfilled

Dissolve into the

celestial skies of love

and enter your truth

Allow with eyes wide open

to see your whole truth

revealed in the light of love

Dissolve into the

communal whole and speak

personal truth loud

Celebrate with us as the

world dances to your

honored greatness in love’s life

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Day 138 – Full Moon Rising

Enter That Flame

As the full moon rises

and the winds sweep around

I built a pyre and set it ablaze

and placed my effigy on the mound

Entering that sacred flame

to gain love’s greatest rights

I wash the everlasting soul

in delicate and equitable lights

Coming to know that our joy

in this life is not merely caught

never finite but grows exponentially

with every passing good thought

Yours is good and yours is true

but it needs to be sought by you

find your truth or find your love

though they may be the same too

As night deepens and darkness spreads

I burn the pyre and feel fear binds

I feel it released and free

as the full moon shines

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Day 137 – Summer Thunderstorms


Storms come as

quickly as they go

and in the brevity

of the windswept

rains, life is set right

through hardships. For

storms are a sort of

rebirth, washing away

the dross of past actions

and fertilizing the

sacred ground for new

paths to be set.

Storms pass as

dark as the arrived


night’s darkness

within the heart of

day or forcing the

violent night to

be a shade darker.

Allowing you to

light the candle

within your heart.

Setting right the

silent intentions to

know that love

is the vehicle to

a burning salvation

Storms come as

quickly as they go

and in the brief

moments of terror

that the bitter

rains bring we

see life renewed,

rejuvenated by setting

light right and nourishing

the ground for

actions still to come

and paths that will

form to love

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Day 136 – GO Now And Love

Set Sail

Set sail and feel

the wind in your

hair as you tread

the oceans of

celestial vibrations.

Sail far and wide

across the choppy

waters of your emotional

heart ever searching

for the ever

eternal sunsets.

Go now and Love.

Set sail and know

the greatness

beyond what you can

see, experience the

trials and

tribulations that

only a releasing

love can bring.

Sail and tread the

oceans wild

across the vibrations

using the constellations

as your guide to

the eternal


Go now and love.

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Day 135 – Thomas Merton

Bread In The Wilderness

I found

the bread in the


a sacred morsel

of penetence

and benedictions.

The whole

sacrament of confession

in the heart

that only the

moment of an


salvation through

solitude and an

altered heart of

compassion. I

found that holy

bread in the


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Day 134 – Creators Speaking

Speak To Me

Speak to me


whose work

after so many years

remains unfinished

speak top me

of events yet

to be woven,

of love to be


Speak to me


whose book

written over a millenia

yet without ending

speak to me

of experiences

yet to be

written in the book,

of love yet to be


Speak to me


whose song

from birth of man

has no conclusion

speak to me

of melodies to

be lived, of

love to be


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Day 133 – Oh Me, Oh Life

Towards The Universal

Oh Life


the breath and

scope therein

lies the

love in our

celestial heartbeat.

The heart

still beating

flowing love

towards the soul


Oh Love


the deafening

sound and

time eternal

pushes forward

the boundaries.

The love


pours towards

the heart


Oh Love


the rapid

waters and


beats of

hearts entwined.

Drumming away

to the rhythm

of the dancing soul


Oh life


the river and

breath of existence

hides the

love in our

celestial heartbeat.

The soul

still beating,

flowing love

towards the heart


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Day 132 – Delicious Movements

Paint Your Self


paint your self

– this blessed life of yours –

with delicious


and feed your life

– the same-song self

of eternity breathing –

with the auspiciousness

of unending love


color your life

– the unbound self –

with a dynamic

significance and

a static importance of self

– that love song of life –

in this petulant moment

expressing the divine

fecundity of

expanding love

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