Day 125 – The Opening

To Openness

Open up to the

unknown possibilities

reveal your true self

and ignite latent passions

culminating in

your bleeding and ragged heart

Open yourself to

take delight in the darkness

for therein lies the

heart of all creation, a

bonding with the

unknown to manifest love

Open your eyes to

see the blinding vision of

eternity and

with that gained knowledge scatter

with a lavish hand

give all of yourself to love

Open your eyes to

gain ever-lasting vision

and see life in a

whole new light, the light of what

really matters – that

wondrous trait of divine love

Open yourself to

new possibilities and

step forth in a new

venture and learn the lessons

that are needed to

progress through life with kindness

Open up to the

nautical love that

guides our lives through the sea of

experience and

time; with a raw and

vulnerable heart reach for love


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